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Inside Dentistry
August 2014
Volume 10, Issue 8

ESX® Endodontic System

Simple sophistication, optimal results

Modern restorative dentistry is based on two key fundamental concepts—minimally invasive preparations and optimal strength through a bonded restoration.

With the introduction of an elegant yet simple, minimally-invasive file system (ESX®) and bioceramic bonded obturation system (BC Sealer™ and BC Points™), the practitioner is now able to bring these two restorative concepts to endodontic procedures. The restoration of the endodontically treated tooth can now truly begin at the apex.

Patented ESX File Design

The ESX endodontic (two-file) shaping sys­tem is fully synchronized from instrumentation through post placement, and features several patented features. The entire system is designed to be minimally invasive, thereby maximizing the long-term prognosis of the tooth.

Patented ACP™ Design

The asymmetrical ACP (Alternating Contact Point) flute design alternates among zero to three points of engagement. This unique motion allows the ESX to instrument three-dimensionally while removing debris coronally in a wave-like fashion.

Patent BT Tip™ Design

This anti-ledging, anti-perfing tip design features six cutting edges that smoothly transition to a true triangular cross section (reamer design). This unique patented design allows stress-free apical progression while respecting even the most challenging canal anatomy. This revolutionary design allows for fewer instruments and larger diameter increases.

Proprietary Electropolished Finish

Brasseler files are the only files in the United States that are electropolished. This proprietary surface treatment improves resistance to cyclic and torsional fatigue and removes surface imperfections inherent in nickel-titanium files.

ESX 2-File Shaping and Obturation Technique

The aforementioned patented features allow practitioners to safely and efficiently instrument most canals with just two ESX instruments. Once initial patency is established (#15/.02), the ESX Expeditor™ file (#15/.05) is used to shape the canal to full working length. The ESX Finishing file is selected based on the amount of engagement needed to reach full working length with the Expeditor. Next, the appropriate ESX Finishing File is taken to full working length and the canal is obturated with the matching bioceramic coated/impregnated BC Points™ and BC Sealer™. If a post is necessary, the ESX system features a fully synchronized fiber post that matches the shape created by the ESX files.

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