Inside Dentistry
May 2014
Volume 10, Issue 5


“Ceramic Steel” meets today’s restorative requirements

Dentistry has long awaited the arrival of an all-ceramic that is both esthetic and durable enough to be considered a legitimate alternative to porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) restorations. Zirconia restorations are the current front-runner in this quest. With approximately 20,000 zirconia restorations made each day worldwide, full monolithic zirconia has become the dominant restorative choice.

Differentiating Monolithic
Zirconia Restorations

The desire for a combination of durability and esthetics is the driving force behind the decision-making process when clinicians are looking for a restorative material. There are many choices on the market; however, not all zirconia restorations are created equal.

For example, some very well known restorations have compressive strengths of 1200 MPa, but are extremely opaque and monochromatic. Burbank Dental Laboratory made strategic choices to best meet criteria clinicians seek when it developed Zir-MAX.M®. Burbank’s development team had two evaluation mandates to consider; clinicians wanted superior durability as well as esthetics comparable to restorations Burbank was already successfully producing. After 1 year of evaluations, the Zir-MAX.M brand was born.

Zir-MAX.M meets and exceeds clinicians’ requirements for a posterior all-ceramic restoration.


Some have labeled yttria-stabilized zirconia “ceramic steel,” and Zir-MAX.M falls right in line with that analogy, with a compressive strength of 850 MPa. That is nearly double the strength of the strongest pressed ceramic and up to eight times stronger than feldspathic porcelains.


Feedback from Burbank Dental Laboratory’s clients and from clinical evaluators has established Zir-MAX.M as the most esthetic full zirconia on the market. What contributes to Zir-MAX.M’s superior cosmetic appeal?

-- Its zirconia formulation is 25% more translucent than other zirconia materials

-- Color formulas were developed after more than 7 years of refinement

-- Polishing strategies that incorporate a combination of glazed and polished surfaces, providing optimal esthetics and wear characteristics

Indications and Requirements

Zir-MAX.M may be used in most all applications for which PFM would be used. Zir-MAX-L (layered zirconia) is highly recommended for use in anterior cosmetic zones. Restorations may also be mixed monolithic/full-contour zirconia and layered units to accommodate mixed strength and cosmetic needs.

Affordable Value Pricing

Zir-MAX.M is specifically positioned for where today’s dental practices live. Zir-MAX.M restorations are the ideal restoration for your patients that demand esthetics and durability but are on today’s budgets.

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