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Inside Dentistry
May 2014
Volume 10, Issue 5

Dentazon (DXM)’s Cybird XD and D6 HEXA

Curing and operatory lights for the 21st century

Since 2006, Dentazon Corp­oration has been dedicated to supplying high-quality dental products and services to private clinics, major hospitals, and laboratories. Dentazon’s Cybird XD curing light and the D6 HEXA operatory light illustrate the company’s commitment to using advanced technology and materials to maximize performance, efficiency, and comfort.

Cybird XD

Cybird XD is an exceptionally powerful LED (light-emitting diode) curing light that features a light intensity of more than 2,700 mW/cm2. It is capable of instantly polymerizing light-cured dental materials in as little as 1.5 seconds. Cybird XD is particularly designed for dental professionals who are in need of super-fast light curing and orthodontic bonding speed to reduce chair time. Features of the Cybird XD include:

-- High Power and Plasma Emulation curing modes that deliver optimal results in all dental applications, including indirect ceramic restorations and orthodontic bracket bonding

-- Can thoroughly cure most light-curable materials in 3 seconds or less (2 mm depth)

-- Hand-picked, premium dental light emitting diodes are used to ensure that Cybird XD generates consistent power output

-- Built-in advanced protection module prevents the device from overheating and guarantees safe and flawless performance at all times

-- High-quality fiber optic turbo light guide improves light emission and access for posterior procedures.

In addition, the Cybird XD has an advanced LED display and newly improved silicone dual control button to allow the operator to easily change between Power, Mode, and Time Settings. Because the Cybird XD’s body is made from industrial-grade aluminum, it offers robust durability and excellent heat dissipation as well. Enhanced battery module. A high-performance lithium-ion cell is incorporated into the special medical-grade battery module, which guarantees extended battery life.


The D6 HEXA LED shadow-free dental and medical operatory light produces cool, natural light with superior color rendering performance for correct tooth shade, soft tissue differentiation, and vein colorization. Its nine levels of luminance intensity can be conveniently adjusted to fit any desired ambient light conditions. Additionally, it produces far more light power per watt than any conventional halogen and most LED light sources. Features of the D6 HEXA include:

-- Cool and comfortable shadow-free illumination

-- Less wasted heat energy lowers energy bills

-- Lasts ten times longer than halogen lights

-- Perfectly safe from infrared and ultraviolet radiation

-- Lifetime bulb replacement warranty and 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

D6 greatly improves visibility in dental procedures by generating up to 60,000 to 65,000 lux of luminance intensity. D6’s luminance intensity and color temperature are tuned and balanced to maximize eye comfort and minimize eyestrain when in use. Also, the uniquely engineered fanless ventilation system allows optimal heat dissipation and prolongs the life span of the LEDs.

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