Inside Dentistry
October 2013
Volume 9, Issue 10

HealthFirst’s New SM-Z Emergency Medical Kit

Preparation brings peace of mind

HealthFirst’s new SM-Z Emergency Medical Kit provides organization and mobility to a practice’s emergency medications, devices, first-aid supplies, oxygen, and automated external defibrillator (AED). It is designed for dental practices that want to be fully prepared for emergencies that may occur in or near the office. Its contents represent today’s standard of care and meet recommendations from the American Dental Association and dentist Stanley Malamed, who is the author of the textbook Handbook of Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office.

The SM-Z Medical Kit medications and devices are organized into key areas of care, each intuitively organized and labeled for quick access. It features wheels and a telescoping handle for easy transport, which allows the caregiver to arrive, assess, and provide care without delay.

Because caregivers must first protect themselves, an easy-access pocket provides protective gloves and eyewear, a particulate respirator, and a CPR mouth barrier. It also contains devices for patient triage, including a headlamp for operation in low-light conditions.


The SM-Z Medical Kit includes the essential set of medications required to treat the most common medical emergencies that occur in the dental office, and the fastest and easiest medication delivery devices:

• Adult and pediatric-dose epinephrine auto injectors

• Back-up epinephrine 1:1000

• Prefilled diphenhydramine Carpuject syringes

• Diphenhydramine oral tablets

• Albuterol inhaler

• Powdered aspirin

• Nitroglycerin lingual spray

• Ammonia inhalants

• Oral glucose gel

• Prefilled midazolam syringe

• Flumazenil

• Prefilled naloxone Carpuject syringes

Although these medications have limited shelf lives, practices need not be concerned about their expiration dates because the SM-Z includes the HealthFirst’s OnTraQ Refill System, which ensures that expiring drugs are automatically replenished to maximize shelf life, save money, and keep the practice prepared. Proper disposal is important, so HealthFirst also provides an environmentally safe recovery-by-mail program for unused medications.

Instruments and Devices

The medical kit includes instruments, sutures, eye wash, a cold pack, a thermal blanket, and a removable first aid kit that meets the American National Standards Institute requirements for first aid in the workplace.

The medical kit also provides the caregiver with access to the following lifesaving devices: bag-valve-mask resuscitator; airways; Magill forceps; and manual suction. Also available are optional laryngeal air masks (LMA™).

Mobile and Convenient Solution

The SM-Z adds mobility to the practice’s emergency oxygen cylinder, which can be attached securely to the kit. This brings supplemental or positive pressure oxygen to the patient’s location without having to tap into a central line that may not be accessible. In addition, offices can purchase from HealthFirst an optional automated external defibrillator that attaches to the top of the kit, where it is easy to access and easy to see and hear service alarms.

The SM-Z’s consolidation of all the tools needed to provide care during a medical emergency make it a unique solution. Its mobility makes it a practical solution. The OnTraQ Refill System makes it an essential solution.

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