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Inside Dentistry
October 2013
Volume 9, Issue 10

Dental Sesame

A new system designed to build patient loyalty and drive profitability

Successful dentistry is all about building a loyal community of patients. The reason is simple—loyal patients keep their appointments, accept treatment recommendations, remain compliant with their recare program, pay their balances on time, and refer their friends and family to the practice.

Dental Sesame facilitates the meaningful online interactions and transactions that contribute to sustained dental practice growth and profitability.

More Than Automated Reminders

Automated appointment reminders are critical to improving patient communications. Sesame Communications conducted a study that found that after 1 year of using Dental Sesame with automated reminders, practices with no previous system reduced no-show rates by 19.58%. Practices moving from another reminder system to Dental Sesame reduced no-shows by 21.31%. With the improved patient schedule adherence came $31,460 in incremental production revenue. Dental Sesame automated reminders can be delivered via text, e-mail, and voice based on the preferred method of contact.

Improved financial performance—Dental Sesame enables past due e-reminders, print-ready insurance forms, FSA balances, and online bill payment. These combine to significantly reduce administrative tasks and positively impact collections. For example, 50% of all patients who receive a past due reminder pay their bill online within the first 48 hours.

Powerful patient outreach capabilities—Dental Sesame supports customized practice-generated campaigns to the patient community. These campaigns can be educational materials, information regarding treatment, or automated delivery of e-cards.

Secure online collaboration—Dental Sesame gives practices the ability to share case data with specialists and other general practitioners in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment.

Increased referrals—Dental Sesame provides a simple and intuitive way for patients to refer family and friends to the practice via e-mail and social media channels.

Valuable patient feedback—Dental Sesame enables a practice to conduct ongoing post-appointment surveys to ensure patient satisfaction and quickly identify issues and areas of improvement.

Robust practice analytics —Dental Sesame offers a wealth of practice analytics to the dentist and staff through its 24-7 dashboard. The data allow practices to monitor performance, assess ROI, and facilitate continuous improvement.

Optimal Patient Usability

According to a Sesame survey, 74% of patients state that being able to access information online anytime makes them more likely to stay with their doctor. Dental Sesame ensures that patients can connect with their dentist’s practice on their schedule with the Internet-connected device of their choosing.

Today’s patients have moved beyond desktop computers and they expect their dental practice to plug into this world as well. Dental Sesame includes a patient portal that ensures optimized viewing and navigation of their records from all devices—no matter the screen size and resolution. With 97% of dental patients preferring to click rather than call the practice for information, optimal patient access and usability are critical to ongoing patient engagement management efforts and a hallmark of Dental Sesame.

Next-Generation Patient Engagement Management

Dental Sesame makes it easy for patients to accept treatment, keep scheduled appointments, actively follow treatment plans, pay their bills on time, and refer family and friends to their dentist’s practice. With Dental Sesame in use, practices will experience improved patient retention, higher production, and improved collections—all of which drive increased profitability.

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