Inside Dentistry
September 2013
Volume 9, Issue 9

An Interview with Synca

Raymond Monette
President, Synca International and Synca Direct, Inc.


INSIDE DENTISTRY (ID): What makes Synca unique?

RAYMOND MONETTE (RM): Originally, Synca was exclusively a distributor of carefully selected, innovative, reasonably priced dental products to dentists in Canada and other countries around the world. Then in 2010, we set up Synca Direct in the United States to also bring these advantages specifically to American dentists.

We’ve always wanted our customers to expect more of Synca as a provider of products offering superior clinical usage and results. For example, in 2012, we started distribution of Micerium dental and laboratory composites to the American market. Among more than 100 composite brands available, this unique product from Italy is the only composite enamel that has a refractive index that is identical to natural enamel, so it is impossible to tell where the tooth stops and the composite begins.

We strive to bring this type of innovation to all our products, and it was also with those goals in mind that in 2011, we introduced our first product, Force Force®, a unique fiber and resin system that makes removable dentures virtually unbreakable and also has indications in all types of implant-supported dentures.

ID: What are the 3 keys to your success?

RM: First of all, we seek to bring significant value to our customers with products that offer unique results—be it innovations that open new possibilities for treatment or the ability to perform procedures more quickly.

Second, we have always been careful to select products and solutions that are important enough for our customers to take the time and make the effort to adopt them in their practices and laboratories.

Lastly, we know that change can be difficult. This is why we make every effort to provide the support needed to ensure that our customers are happy and successful with their purchases.

ID: What defines your approach to business?

RM: Finding better ways to do things. This is a personal passion that makes what we do worthwhile, and keeps me going after so many years. I still get excited when we make a new potential product discovery, or someone in our contact network suggests a new improvement that fits with our profile.

ID: What inspires the forward motion of Synca in today’s marketplace?

RM: Dental technologies, information technologies, and the global economy have inspired us and given us the tools we need to identify and produce new products and ideas in record time. By being able to easily communicate with leading clinicians from around the world, we can quickly get a sense of how successful a product is likely to be before we launch it. Likewise, when our customers like our products, they can use those same communication tools to sell each other on them. One great example of this is the YouTube video “Fiber Force Gets Hammered,” where a client takes a Fiber Force denture and a regular denture and breaks them apart with a hammer. (We did help the client edit the final video.) 

ID: Can you share anything that you might have in the pipeline right now?

RM: I can tell you about two products that we are launching simultaneously. First is Synca’s Fast Splint Matrix, which is an inexpensive, esthetic alternative solution to post-orthodontic lingual retainers. The other, a new replacement for titanium bars in full implant dentures, uses Fiber Force CST® (cable stayed technology), which allows laboratory technicians to manufacture an intricate fiber cable structure that will adequately support the intraoral stresses of mastication upon the denture structure.

Both these solutions meet our goals of offering superior clinical results, faster clinical usage, and/or lower cost of usage.

VIDEO: To view the video “Fiber Force Gets Hammered,” go to http://dentalaegis.com/go/id855.

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