Inside Dentistry
July 2013
Volume 9, Issue 7

HYDRIM G4 Instrument Washers

Modern, sophisticated, and effective infection control

The use of automated instrument washers is growing worldwide as regulatory authorities endorse and dentists adopt what has come to be understood as the most effective and consistent means of cleaning instruments before sterilization. Cleaning is the important first step in the sterilization chain. Removing the bioburden from instruments at the start must be done effectively to ensure proper sterilization. If visible debris, whether inorganic or organic matter, is not removed, it will interfere with microbial inactivation and can compromise the disinfection or sterilization processes.

New Interactive Features

The new HYDRIM G4 line of instrument washers has several new features. SciCan’s products with G4 technology, including HYDRIM G4 and STATIM G4, feature In;ternet connectivity that allows the clinicians and designated service personnel to interact with the machine remotely to monitor cycle history and troubleshoot problems. In addition, a data logger is incorporated into the HYDRIM G4 washer to record cycle history, and a new interactive LCD touchscreen with a customizable interface ensures simple operation.

Practical Applications

Properly managing the infection control aspect of a dental practice not only yields predictable outcomes, but it also ensures greater productivity and increases the time available for patient care. HYDRIM G4 instrument washers are excellent for any dental office that is using cassettes for instrument management. The HYDRIM G4 countertop model washes, rinses, and dries 6 full-sized cassettes in 30 minutes and the under-the-counter model washes, rinses, and dries 10 full-sized cassettes in 35 minutes.

Effective Decontamination

Automated washers are designed to operate many cycles a day to enable the efficient reprocessing of a dental practice’s limited number of instruments. Most use a specialized cleaning solution that helps not only lift contaminants from instrument surfaces, but also protects the instrument from corrosion. HYDRIM G4 instrument washers use an advanced cleaning solution called HIP Ultra. The powerful automated cleaning action, the ability to deliver elevated operating temperatures, and the use of a sophisticated cleaning solution have made HYDRIM instrument washers a key starting point for sterilization in dental offices across North America. For more than a decade, HYDRIM washers have been a trusted cleaning resource recognized for their speed and effectiveness.

Superior, Safe Cleaning

With hand-scrubbing, debris is removed from an instrument by scrubbing it manually with detergent and water. Reserved for specialized instruments, hand scrubbing is increasingly less used throughout dental practices because it exposes staff to the hazards of skin punctures, and can also affect the productivity of the practice as it takes time away from patient care.

Although manufacturers recommend changing the ultrasonic cleaning solution daily, one study found that the solution would become more contaminated with debris after each successive load of instruments is cleaned. What is more, ultrasonic cleaning requires subsequent rinsing and drying before sterilization, adding steps to sterilization efficiency.

HYDRIM instrument washers use fresh water and cleaning solution for every cycle, ensuring superior washing results. Their unique combination of safety, efficiency, and instrument protection can simplify the sterilization process, maximize return on investment, and provide more staff time for patient care.

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