Inside Dentistry
July 2013
Volume 9, Issue 7

An Advanced New Curing Light from Ultradent

Sleek new VALO® offers durability, ease of use, power, and direct access

According to Dan Fischer, DDS, president and chief executive officer of Ultradent Products, Inc., “The quality of a restoration is totally dependent on how adequately that restoration and its bonding agent are polymerized.”

Like his fellow clinicians, Dr. Fischer, who maintained a busy practice for more than 40 years, recognizes the important role that a curing light plays in all aspects of the restorative process. It should be efficient and easy to use, but most importantly, the quality of cure is critical because it helps determine the overall quality and strength of the restoration over time. This largely depends on power output and the energy the curing light is able to deliver to the resin.

With these standards in mind, Ultradent has created VALO®, the most advanced curing light in the industry. VALO comes in both corded and cordless models, with VALO Cordless operating on inexpensive, rechargeable CR123a batteries. VALO features three powerful curing modes: Standard mode, with a 10-second cure per layer (1,000 mW/cm2); High Power mode, ideal for tacking veneers in 1 to 2 seconds (1,400 mW/cm2); and Xtra Power mode, which yields an extremely powerful 3-second cure per layer (3,200 mW/cm2). The clinician operates the various power modes VALO offers with two simple buttons on the handpiece.

Every sleek, unibody-constructed VALO begins as a single bar of aerospace-grade aluminum, which undergoes the CNC milling process responsible for its high level of durability and, along with a sapphire-like Teflon® coating, its easy-to-clean surface. The clinical experience of Dr. Fischer combined with the sophistication and high-tech engineering of Ultradent’s research and development team resulted in the only curing light whose promise of lasting performance is often demonstrated after being banged on a table or dropped on a floor.

In addition to VALO’s extreme durability, clinicians clearly appreciate the accessibility that VALO’s sleek design provides. “Even with a wisdom tooth, most curing lights won’t reach, but the VALO can always get back there,” says Michael Bronson, DDS, of Clinton, Utah. When compared with the traditional contra-angle of most curing lights, VALO’s sleek head easily accesses all areas of the mouth—providing high energy that reaches all aspects of the preparation, predictably and consistently producing quality restorations.

Finally, VALO accomplishes the high-quality curing of a halogen/quartz light in a fraction of the time. Thanks to its broad-spectrum, custom-LED pack, VALO is equipped with four LEDs capable of polymerizing all light-cured dental materials in the wavelength range of 395 nm to 480 nm. VALO’s lens system and rhodium-plated reflective surface provide a unique, intensely collimated beam with a beam profile that provides more even, consistent energy to light-cured materials, giving the light impressive focus and energy, even at a distance.

VALO’s durability, ease of use, powerful curing ability, and low-profile design combine to provide all the aspects of an ideal curing light in one superior unit. Producing a consistent, uniform cure, VALO also maximizes the clinician’s time efficiency and return on investment, while never compromising the quality of the restoration.

For more information, contact:

VALO-Ultradent Products, Inc.
Phone: 888-230-1420
Web: www.valo-led.com


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