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Inside Dentistry
March 2013
Volume 9, Issue 3

Sirona’s CEREC® Omnicam

Representing Cutting-Edge Technology in Pacific Dental Services’ Supported Practices

Pacific Dental Services®’ (PDS®) vision is to be a leader in providing their supported clinicians with options for clinically-excellent healthcare tools and innovative management. They do everything in their power to support clinicians and team members, who are aspiring to provide the highest quality dental care to patients in PDS supported offices. As such, the company has taken steps to work with some of the leading manufacturers in the industry, ensuring that PDS supported clinicians have access to the latest and greatest technology available in the dental market. One such partnership is with Sirona, a company widely known for developing and manufacturing innovative products for the dental industry. Last year, Sirona introduced the CEREC® Omnicam, giving dental teams in any environment a powerful, easy-to-use imaging system that provides their patients with a higher level of dentistry than they have ever experienced before.

Easy to Use and Elegantly Designed

The CEREC Omnicam was designed with ease-of-use and ergonomics in mind. It sits comfortably in the user’s hand, and the slim design and compact camera tip allows the user to easily scan any area of the mouth, including the posterior region. As the camera captures the images, the data is generated into a 3D model, giving the clinician a complete digital copy of the patient’s anatomy. The 3D scans are also rendered in full, natural color, facilitating enhanced treatment planning.

The “Wow” Factor

While the Omnicam offers a wealth of clinical advantages, for PDS supported clinicians, its greatest worth comes from its patient benefits and chairside education capabilities.

For patients, the Omnicam is a significant improvement over previous methods used to take impressions or map the inside of the mouth. One advantage is that the Omnicam is a powder-free imaging system, involving zero cleanup for the patient. Imaging systems that require the use of powder may leave the patient covered in a fine dust afterwards.

Another reason patients might prefer the Omnicam experience is that while the camera is scanning, they are able to see a live video feed of the inside of their mouths, proving that their clinicians are working with top-of-the-line technology.

According to Bradford O’Neill, DDS, a PDS-supported dentist in Aurora, CO, the color video allows patients to see, in very realistic detail, their tooth and restoration being fabricated in real time. “It gives them immediate gratification, and keeps the patient engaged,” he explains. “The ‘Wow’ factor from my patients regarding the Omnicam is really its most exciting application.”

A Winning Philosophy

PDS strives to be a technology leader in supporting clinical dentistry, improving the practice of oral healthcare for both their supported dental care teams and the supported practices’ patient. “I offer my patients the best, most convenient, technologically advanced dentistry I possibly can, and the CEREC Omnicam fits this philosophy perfectly,” says O’Neill. “Using the latest technology cements PDS-supported clinicians’ reputation in the dental community for being innovators and leaders in modern dentistry.”

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