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Inside Dentistry
July 2012
Volume 8, Issue 7

Light-Curing with the Slim, Refined "Bluephase® Style"

Powerful, reliable curing device is now lighter, slimmer, and easier to use.

Several factors contribute to successful polymerization of direct restoratives, including the technical characteristics of curing lights. Curing lights should polymerize all materials and photoinitiators, achieving the high light performance promised. In addition, they should emit consistently high light intensity, ensuring a reliable cure to the cavity floor, and preferably be equipped with a parallel-walled 10-mm light probe so the light emission window completely covers large restorations.

The new Bluephase Style achieves all of these necessary requirements and has been further refined to account for ergonomic differences between male and female users. Its slim design enables more comfortable handling and intuitive operation (Figure 1) while still demonstrating expected and proven clinical performance.

With 1,100 mW/cm2, Bluephase Style provides a high light intensity and limited fluctuation range of ±10%, similar to previous models. The new light also features the proven polywave LED technology, which was especially developed by Ivoclar Vivadent to cover the entire wavelength range from 385 nm to 515 nm. This spectrum ensures reliable polymerization of all dental materials. Therefore, polywave LED technology provides efficient and complete polymerization.

Ergonomic Design

The Bluephase Style curing light is significantly lighter, slimmer, and more comfortable to hold than its predecessor. The elongated shape creates a less top-heavy light, with weight more evenly distributed throughout the device. Smaller proportions facilitate access to the treatment field, and the new ergonomic design reduces arm and hand strain, enabling a fatigue-free body posture. Additionally, like its predecessor, the Bluephase Style can be held like a gun or pen for effortless comfort (Figure 2).

Easier, More Comfortable Access

The Bluephase Style also features a shortened light probe for improved access to the treatment field, regardless of whether patients have small mouth openings, the affected teeth are in the posterior, or restorations are located on the distal. Because this first-ever design has the light emission window located close to the angled bend of the probe, users can comfortably polymerize all tooth surfaces and easily reach difficult-to-access areas, without adopting an uncomfortable position—even when treating children.

Powerful, Predictable Light

With its parallel-walled, 10-mm light probe that is the same as the earlier bluephase model, large restoration surfaces can be completely polymerized in a single light exposure. The light remains focused, and the high light intensity ensures that material is reliably polymerized to the cavity floor in as few as 10 seconds. The Bluephase Style maintains the proven click-and-cure function, allowing it to swiftly change to corded operation in an emergency, or if the battery is discharged or aged, so treatment can immediately continue without delay.

Two-Button Operation

The Bluephase Style is easily and intuitively operated with two control buttons. Briefly glancing at the buttons immediately clarifies how the light is used. The on/off button is conveniently large, so the operator can remain completely focused on treatment without distraction.

Exposure times are adjusted intuitively and in a self-explanatory way. Light intensity and duration are matched and adjusted to one another to ensure pulp protection at all times, with temperature increases not exceeding 5.5°C (9.9°F).

Hygienic and Quiet

The compact Bluephase Style does not require a fan or air vents, so it is hygienic and quiet. Its highly energy-efficient LEDs do not radiate significant heat, despite providing high light performance. Combined with its handpiece, which consists mainly of aluminium, the light ensures effective heat dissipation and distribution, enabling its continuous operation for up to 12 minutes.

The ring-shaped charging base also ensures better hygiene, because it discourages disinfectant pooling. The battery does not contain open contacts and charges inductively. The top third of the ring illuminates blue when charging and appears black when the battery is recharged and ready for cordless operation.

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