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May 2011
Volume 7, Issue 5

Shock Doctor Mouthguards

Taking the business of protecting teeth to a whole new level.

Shock Doctor®—the creators of innovative, unique performance-driven sports protection and the undisputed leader in mouthguard technology—has been working with dentists for over 10 years to create dentist-designed and -crafted mouthguards. Shock Doctor is closely aligned with leading experts in the areas of cranial-facial pain, jaw positioning, and dental infrastructure. An enormous amount of university research, real-sport testing, and professional input has gone into every Shock Doctor mouthguard, which has resulted in an array of high-quality, superior mouthguards trusted by athletes in a growing number of sports, from youth to amateur to professional.

Mouthguard users benefit from the many features of Shock Doctor's multi-layer construction that ensure retention and superior fit as well as comfort while protecting against internal oral lacerations. The patented construction uniquely incorporates Kraton to absorb and deflect impacts that cause tooth injuries, and the integrated design helps to prevent jaw fracture caused by side- and bottom-jaw impacts while helping to protect the TM joint from dislocation and related injuries by absorbing lower-jaw shock that may transfer through the jaw into the skull.

Shock Doctor's perfect fit and patented technology improves performance by making it easier to breathe, communicate, and focus on the game. Their MORA (Mandibular Orthopedic Repositioning Appliance) performance enhancement technology positions the lower jaw down and forward to create optimal muscular function of the head and neck muscles. Preliminary research shows that this may translate to an increase in overall muscular strength and improved athletic performance.

Three types of mouthguards of particular interest to the dental community are the Shock Doctor Braces Mouthguards, Shock Doctor Custom Mouthguards, and the new Shock Doctor Nano 3D Mouthguard.

Braces Mouthguard

In 2005, Shock Doctor introduced the first mouthguard designed for use with braces with its specially designed silicone injection technology. The Braces Mouthguard (Figure 1), with Insta-Fit™ technology designed to fit braces, protects against lacerations and provides ultimate comfort. A special Ortho-Channel fits around brace brackets and adapts to changes in tooth position as braces are adjusted. The Braces Mouthguards are 100% medical-grade silicone; no boiling or custom fitting is required. In 2008, Shock Doctor introduced the Double Braces Mouthguard to protect braces top and bottom with the same effective technology.

Custom Mouthguard

Shock Doctor premiered the first retail-packaged, dental-quality custom mouthguard system in 2010. The Shock Doctor Custom Mouthguard (Figure 2) was dentist designed and is crafted in the exclusive Shock Doctor Dental Lab with integrated and patent-pending 3D anti-shock jaw pads and impact shield for increased occlusal shock absorption and upper front teeth protection. The unique CoreShock cushion layer locks in a custom fit and improves shock absorption by 30% compared to traditional custom mouthguard materials. With more than 190 custom color combinations, users can customize their mouthguard with their name, team number, and team colors.

The Shock Doctor Custom Mouthguard is the most comfortable, ultra-protective piece of gear any athlete can put in his or her mouth. Athletes report (and Shock Doctor's research confirms) that it is easier to breathe, speak, and focus while wearing a Shock Doctor Custom Mouthguard due to the tapered and unobtrusive Pro-Fit™ layer.

Users create their custom impression mold at home by following well-documented user instructions that describe four easy steps. They receive their finished Custom Mouthguard in 2 weeks or less. In the meantime, a free Shock Doctor Ultra STC Mouthguard is included in the packaging along with a $30,000 Dental Warranty.

Nano 3D Mouthguard

Shock Doctor recently introduced the Nano 3D Mouthguard (Figure 3) —the ultimate self-fit mouthguard with Super Tight Compression Gel-Fit™ liner which custom molds to the upper teeth for a tight, comfortable fit. Tri-Bite technology helps to align and stabilize the upper and lower teeth and jaw to protect against uppercut and side impacts by using front incisor and rear molar, gel-filled, bite windows that enhance fit and protection.

The Nano 3D Mouthguard also features a Monocoque Shock Frame™ in a new thin-wall, lightweight structure that absorbs and disperses impacts away from point of contact. The exclusive Nano Inner Wall consists of a semi-flexible polymer inner wall that helps to enhance fit, while minimizing interference against the tongue and improving breathing and speaking ability.

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