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Inside Dentistry
Nov/Dec 2010
Volume 6, Issue 10

Vanish™ 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish with TCP

Built upon clinical success, improved with the latest technology from 3M ESPE.

For years, dental varnish containing fluoride has been recognized as an effective treatment of dentin sensitivity. Recently, however, several breakthroughs have demonstrated how fluoride can be enhanced to make it even more effective. Approaches to this fluoride enhancement have varied, but 3M ESPE has developed a varnish formulation that uses a proprietary technology to cover more tooth surfaces and elevate salivary fluoride levels-Vanish™ 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish with Tri-Calcium Phosphate.

A Unique Ingredient

Vanish white varnish improves on the existing formulation of Vanish varnish-the No. 1-selling fluoride varnish in the United States-which has 5 years of proven clinical success. The product has now been improved with the addition of a Tri-Calcium Phosphate ingredient that is exclusive to 3M ESPE. This improved formulation delivers fluoride, phosphate, and calcium-all key ingredients for building strong teeth. To make this combination effective, a protective barrier is created around the calcium during the manufacturing process, which allows it to coexist with the fluoride. As the product is applied while the patient is in the dental office, the varnish flows on the teeth and comes into contact with saliva, breaking down the protective barrier and making calcium, phosphate, and fluoride ions available to the teeth. Fluoride and calcium react to form calcium fluoride, which aids in sensitivity reduction.

While there are various fluoride formulations on the market, Vanish white varnish uses a mineral system that is the closest resemblance to natural teeth. Tri-Calcium Phosphate works to optimize the product by delivering calcium along with readily available fluoride that increases the ability to occlude dentinal tubules to prevent hypersensitivity. Using a more targeted formula that mirrors the mouth's natural biology, Tri-Calcium Phosphate allows each ingredient to work at its best.

More Protection in More Places

Another advantage offered by Vanish white varnish is its flowability. Once applied, the varnish does not just harden and stop working. Beneath the surface layer, the product stays fluid longer and continues to flow from treated to untreated tooth surfaces, including interproximal areas, which traditional varnishes may miss. Because of this ability to flow across and between teeth, more varnish reaches more tooth surfaces, making increased amounts of fluoride available. Clinical studies show that Vanish white varnish flows to more than twice as many tooth surfaces after application (source: 3M ESPE Internal Data). This process enables Vanish white varnish to continuously release fluoride and calcium over the life of the varnish-up to 24 hours.

Dental professionals are likely familiar with the hydrodynamic conductance theory, which holds that hypersensitivity occurs when the tubules in dentin are exposed, causing fluid within the tubules to move, allowing the nerve endings in the pulp to come into contact with stimuli in the oral cavity. This movement creates pressure on the nerves, resulting in the perception of pain. Vanish white varnish, however, gives patients immediate relief from dentin hypersensitivity because it covers, occludes, and penetrates dentinal tubules to prevent the flow of fluid in the tubules.

Simple to Use

Vanish white varnish is easy to apply in the dental office, helping dental professionals deliver effective treatment while maintaining productivity. The product is simply swept on the tooth surface in one thin coat, after which it covers and adheres to the teeth. The tooth surfaces need only to be "toothbrush clean," meaning the product can be applied in the presence of plaque. It sets in the presence of saliva and, as previously stated, its enhanced flow characteristics allow it to reach interproximal areas after the surface has set. The varnish goes on white, so it is virtually invisible when applied.

With this new innovation, 3M ESPE improves upon its reputation as a leader in preventive care solutions. After being the first to offer unit-dose packaging of varnish, the first to offer a white varnish product, and the first to offer enhanced flow properties in a varnish, 3M ESPE is now the only company to offer the highly effective Tri-Calcium Phosphate formulation. With its ease of use and outstanding performance, Vanish white varnish with Tri-Calcium Phosphate makes the No. 1-selling varnish even better.

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