Inside Dentistry
Jul/Aug 2010
Volume 6, Issue 7

Technological Innovations

As you can see from this month’s cover feature story, there are many new, cutting-edge products that use the latest advances in technology. These are just some of the many examples of the myriad technological advances currently on the market that can help to improve and enhance the practice of dentistry. Call the phone numbers or visit the websites provided to receive more information, or simply fill out the reader service card.

Lava™ DVS Digital Veneering System

3M ESPE allows dental professionals to create patient restorations that offer strength, longevity, excellent fit, and remarkable esthetics. The new Lava™ DVS Digital Veneering System allows dentists to prescribe an all-digital full-contour crown for excellent esthetics and consistent strength, offering a revolutionary alternative to traditional hand-layered or pressed ceramics. Lava™ Zirconia has 8 years of clinical data to prove its success, and the Lava™ authentication program gives doctors peace of mind knowing they received authentic Lava™ Zirconia.

Phone: 800-905-1544 ext 10106
Web: https://rs.dentalaegis.com/id108-106


iLase™ is completely self-contained in a single, integrated handpiece. All the power and control is concentrated in your hand for uniquely personal performanceThe iLase is the ideal tool for performing a comprehensive set of 24 soft-tissue and hygiene procedures. For optimum efficiency, recommended values for power and pulse mode are factory installed for 10 common soft tissue procedures. The iLase also features “standby” and “ready mode” functions that guard against unintentional delivery of laser energy. The entire handpiece, with battery and shroud attached, weighs less than 100 g.

Phone: 800-905-1544 ext 10107
Web: https://rs.dentalaegis.com/id108-107

Salivary Diagnostic Tests

Innovative salivary diagnostic tests from OralDNA® Labs are fundamental elements of a patient’s wellness plan. Three tests are currently available: MyPerioPath® determines the cause of periodontal infections; MyPerioID® PST® determines who is at increased risk for severe periodontal infections; and OraRisksm HPV determines who is at increased risk for HPV-related oral cancers. Available today, exclusively through Henry Schein® Dental.

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Web: https://rs.dentalaegis.com/id108-108

KODAK 9000 3D Extraoral Imaging System

Capture stunning, anatomically correct 3D images in seconds with the KODAK 9000 3D Extraoral Imaging System. Designed to deliver top-quality 3D and panoramic images quickly and easily, this unit combines focused-field 3D with panoramic imaging. 3D patient studies are generated at an impressive slice thickness of 0.076 µm, the highest resolution in the industry. The system’s user-friendly design ensures precise positioning, while low-dose radiation exposure ensures the safety of your staff and patients.

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Web: https://rs.dentalaegis.com/id108-109

E4D Dentist™ System

Offering unparalleled accuracy, versatility, and ease of use, E4D Dentist defines an ultramodern standard for chairside CAD/CAM systems. The E4D IntraOral Digitizer (IOD) high-speed laser scanner takes a digital impression of the preparation and neighboring teeth to create a 3D image without the use of contrast agents. E4D’s revolutionary software powered by DentaLogic™ guides the operator from scanning to milling, creating restorations fabricated from a variety of proven materials.

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Web: https://rs.dentalaegis.com/id108-110

Galaxy® Delivery Unit

The sleek, modern design of The Galaxy® Delivery Unit from DentalEZ® enhances the appearance of any dental operatory. Two styles of control heads are designed for up to four handpieces (three standard) and two static hangers (one standard). The die-cast aluminum pinch valve system offers years of reliable performance. Unitized handpiece hangers provide a comfortable and ergonomic reach, and the externally individual handpiece coolant water control knobs are easily adjustable. The button-activated arm brake system on the unit handle allows for easy access to the brake release. Stainless steel tray and pad or optional swivel tray provides a choice of trays.

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Web: https://rs.dentalaegis.com/id108-112

NV Microlaser

Discus Dental’s NV Microlaser delivers the full capabilities of much larger desktop soft-tissue lasers in a pen-sized package. It is the first and only market-proven, completely cordless soft-tissue laser available. NV is activated by a wireless foot pedal, providing better flexibility and mobility than hand-activated lasers, while allowing unobstructed access and visibility with posterior procedures without finger fatigue or loss of dexterity.

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Web: https://rs.dentalaegis.com/id108-113

A-dec 300 Delivery System

The A-dec 300 delivery system distills essential delivery features into one solution. Available with pedestal mount, Radius® mount, and 2-inch post mount, and in a Traditional or Continental® style, the A-dec 300 delivery includes 4 handpiece holder positions, a standard 3-position control block (optional 4-position), integrates two ancillaries, and has flexible positioning for enhanced ergonomics.

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Web: https://rs.dentalaegis.com/id108-115

Odyssey Diode Laser

Odyssey Diode Lasers from Ivoclar Vivadent represent the latest diode-laser technology available for soft tissue modification and preventive care. With options ranging from a unique fiber management system to unit-dose disposable tips and an intuitive touch-screen display, every Odyssey laser features wireless power control designed to provide the most efficient, portable soft-tissue laser technology in dentistry.

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Web: https://rs.dentalaegis.com/id108-114

CEREC® AC Powered by Bluecam:

CEREC AC is the most advanced chairside CAD/CAM system available. The Bluecam handheld acquisition camera uses a highly visible blue light LED and is superior to other digital impression technologies: Highest precision, easy to use, and fast—it captures half-arch impressions in 40 seconds and full-arch impressions in 2 minutes. CEREC AC is the only CAD/CAM system designed to provide any dental practice with access to efficient, precise, and affordable CAD/CAM solutions, including an innovative “pay as you go” option. CEREC AC is available exclusively through Patterson Dental.

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