Inside Dentistry
January 2010
Volume 6, Issue 1

Composite Resin Systems

A sampling of composites available for the clinical armamentarium.

These featured composite systems offer many advantages and benefits, including ease of use, high strength properties, and more lifelike restorations. For more information about any of these products, visit any of the manufacturer Web sites listed.


Parkell, Inc’s EPIC®-TMPT is a non-sticky, micro-filled composite resin that contains a reactive organic filler, producing a resilient and durable restoration. EPIC-TMPT polishes beautifully, leaving margins all but invisible, and blends in with its chameleon-like shades. For more information, visit https://www.parkell.com.


Grandio is a new 87% by weight filled nanohybrid composite. The high filler degree leads to outstanding wear resistance due to a high surface hardness, enamel-like thermal expansion, and reduced shrinkage. Grandio has excellent translucency and a curing time of only 20 seconds. It outperforms the wear of hybrids, has the beauty of microfilled composites, and is available in pre-dosed standard compules or syringes. For more information, visit https://www.voco.com/usa.


A light-cure, nano-superfilled, radiopaque restorative composite resin, CLEARFIL MAJESTY Posterior is composed of nano- and micro-inorganic filler treated with a proprietary new surface coating technology. The new surface technology permits a larger quantity of nanofiller to be dispersed in the resin matrix, which consists of monomer and microfiller. The resulting resin matrix is reinforced with a filler loading of 92wt% (82vol%). For more information, visit https://www.kuraraydental.com.

Vertise Flow

Kerr introduces Vertise™ Flow, its first self-adhering flowable composite. Powered by Kerr’s renowned OptiBond® adhesive technology, this product will greatly simplify the direct restorative procedure for today’s time-challenged dentist by incorporating the bonding agent into the flowable. For more information, visit https://www.kerrdental.com.

Tetric EvoCeram

Tetric EvoCeram features three types of nanoparticles; nano-fillers of different sizes for low wear and high polishability; nano-pigments that help better adjust the shade of the restoration to the surrounding teeth and impart a chameleon effect for single-shade, “universal” placement; and nano-modifiers for excellent handling properties and stability. For more information, visit https://www.ivoclarvivadent.us.


BISCO Dental Products introduces REFLEXIONS™, a simplified universal nano-technology composite system. The system consists of 4 highly chromatic Low-Shrinking XLS Dentin and 4 translucent Highly Polishable XP Enamel shades. REFLEXIONS composites are indicated for use in all classes of anterior and posterior direct restorations. For more information, visit https://www.bisco.com.

N’Durance Composite

The unique nano dimer conversion technology created by Septodont changes the shrinkage dynamic. With over 75% conversion and as little as 1.4% shrinkage, N’Durance restorations provide great wear resistance, biocompatibility, and color stability as well as exhibiting no postoperative sensitivity. N’Durance is available through the dental supply dealer. For more information, visit https://www.septodontusa.com.


Vit-l-escence is a Bis-GMA-based, radiopaque microhybrid system with an average particle size of 0.7 μm. The all-composite shade guide contains uniquely shaded tabs to assist in the most refined layering and shade selection possible. Low-translucency, highly fluorescent dentin shades combined with high-translucency, opalescent/translucent enamel shades facilitate superior reproduction of natural teeth. For more information, visit https://www.ultradent.com.

8 Filtek™ LS

The Filtek™ LS Low Shrink Posterior Restorative System from 3M ESPE combines the lowest-shrinking silorane-based composite with a dedicated, two-step, self-etching bonding system: 3M™ ESPE™ LS System Adhesive Self-Etch Primer and Bond. It offers excellent bond strength to enamel and dentin, and is the one and only adhesive formulated to provide optimal bonding with such an extraordinarily low-shrinking composite. For more information, visit solutions.3m.com.

SureFil® SDR™ flow

SureFil® SDR™ flow material is the first ever bulk fill flowable base that allows you to place posterior composites in 40% less time. The new stress decreasing resin (SDR™) system allows for bulk placements up to 4 mm with a 20-second cure time. For more information, https://www.surefilsdrflow.com.

Accolade SRO Super Radiopaque Flowable

With a radiopacity of 320% of aluminum (similar to titanium), radiographs were never easier to read! Available in A5, A2, & Extra Light. For more information, visit https://www.danvillematerials.com.

Venus Diamond®

Venus Diamond®, a universal nano-hybrid composite, is the newest product to join the Venus® Esthetic System which offers dentists and laboratories a unified, integrated, and simplified approach to esthetic restorations, with unprecedented and unique handling, exceptional strength and durability, low shrinkage, long lasting polishability, and perfect color adaptation. For more information, visit https://www.smilebyvenus.com.


Formulated with exclusive, new monomer technology from DuPont, Kalore offers superior handling. Patented HDR prepolymerized fillers offer exceptional and easy polishability that is sustainable and flawless beauty is achieved from the optimization of matrix and filler refractive indices. For more information, visit https://www.kalore.net.

Virtuoso Flowable

Virtuoso Flowable composite is intended for use with small restorations that present difficult access. The light-cure, low-viscosity, flowable composite has characteristics designed for fast, easy techniques. Its precision needle tip dispensing allows the material to flow quickly for precise placement. For more information, visit https://www.denmat.com.

Luxatemp Fluorescence

Luxatemp Fluorescence reacts to light more like natural teeth, so it makes provisionals look more lifelike than ever before. All Luxatemp formulations offer low shrinkage during polymerization, high flexural strength, and can be fabricated directly in the patient’s mouth without concern for temperature. Luxatemp Fluorescence is available in six shades, in 76-gm cartridges and dispensed through the 10:1 Automix dispensing gun. For more information, visit https://www.dmg-america.com.

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