Nov/Dec 2009
Volume 5, Issue 10

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Digital Software

A sampling of the digital solutions available to simplify and enhance clinical practice.

The digital revolution has reached the dental profession. Easier to use, faster, and in many cases more cost-effective, digital technology has great potential to transform the practice of dentistry. Here, Inside Dentistry presents a sampling of products on the market in the digital arena. For more information, visit or any of the manufacturer Web sites listed.

MyRay X-pod

The digital x-ray solution that offers freedom from cords and computers; the film, developer, and view box is all in one easy-to-use digital palm system. X-pod’s sensor with rounded edges captures x-rays and instantly displays them on its integrated 4.5” handheld touchscreen. For more information, call 800-416-3078 or visit

DEXIS® Platinum

The gold standard in digital imaging goes platinum with the new DEXIS® Platinum intraoral sensor. This new version of the PerfectSize™ sensor achieves direct USB connectivity without docking stations or controllers for maximum portability, TrueComfort™ design for precise placement and optimum patient comfort, and PureImage™ technology for remarkably clear images. For more information, call 888-883-3947 or visit

Schick CDR Elite

CDR Elite provides bold bone tribeculation, crisp lamina dura, and a clear, clean DEJ to meet the diagnostic needs of every clinician. It incorporates Schick’s unique removable cable technology and provides a 1-step cable-replacement process for all three sensor sizes. For more information, call 800-873-7683 or visit

Patterson EagleSoft

With Patterson EagleSoft Clinical and Practice Management Software, make clinical and audio exam notes, present cosmetic imaging capabilities, and directly access a patient’s chart. Features include EagleSoft Today, a digital day planner for your desktop, and SmartDoc, a convenient document manager. For more information, call 800-294-8504 or visit


From Sirona, CEREC AC is the most advanced and only fully scalable dental CAD/CAM system available. Powered by Bluecam, it captures fast, precise digital impressions (40 seconds for a half-arch) and then creates high-quality esthetic restorations. For more information, call 800-873-7683 or visit


IMTEC’s ILUMA Elite Cone Beam CT Scanner offers medical grade components, variable low-dose scanning and proprietary ILUMAVision software. Now a part of 3M, ILUMA’s complete package includes scanner, software, computer, dual monitors, delivery, installation, training, and warranty. For more information, call 800-879-9799 or visit

Practice Works

From practice management, digital imaging, and electronic services to our new PEARL module, our products are designed to work together and evolve together, so you don’t have to worry about integration and compatibility. For more information, call 800-944-6365 or visit

E4D Dentist™ System

An ultramodern standard for chairside CAD/CAM systems, E4D’s revolutionary software powered by DentaLogic™ guides the operator from scanning to milling, creating restorations fabricated from a variety of reliable materials. For more information, call 972-234-3880 or visit

Preva Plus

Preva Plus by Progeny Dental takes digital imaging to the next level of convenience with its innovatively integrated Vision DX sensor. Cables are self-contained inside the Preva Plus, helping to keep your operatory well-organized and cable free. For more information, call 888-924-3800 or visit


PreXion Inc is a leader in high-resolution CBCT imaging technology. Its dental CBCT scanner delivers high-resolution volume acquisition and offers superior image quality through the use of innovative hardware-based imaging solutions and superior components. For more information, call 650-212-0300 or visit

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