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Inside Dentistry
Jul/Aug 2009
Volume 5, Issue 7

Nobel Biocare Dental Media Day New York 2009

On May 28, Nobel Biocare gathered media representatives from around the world to visit its facility in New Jersey and participate in Nobel Biocare’s first Dental Media Day to learn more about the NobelProcera™ system of CAD/CAM dentistry, which combines the ability to mass-manufacture crowns and bridges created to unique specifications. The day began with Domenico Scala, CEO of Nobel Biocare, welcoming everyone to the NobelProcera training and production center, and included a detailed production tour of the facility that focused on the steps for manufacturing NobelProcera Crowns and Bridges. Among the day’s other highlights:

  • Hans Geiselhöringer, global head of NobelProcera and Guided Surgery, outlined the current state of digital dentistry and introduced the new era of digital dental solutions provided by Nobel Biocare.
  • The NobelProcera Global Specialist Team followed with a combination lecture/hands-on session about the innovative technique behind the NobelProcera system—from hardware to software—that allowed participants to learn about the new NobelProcera system and, later on in the day, to experience using it themselves.
  • Dr. Stefan Holst commented on the scientific rationale behind, and benefits of, centralized production in CAD/CAM manufacturing. He also discussed trends in new materials.
  • Dr. Pascal Kunz explained the advantage of combining the NobelGuide™ diagnostic/treatment planning technology with the new NobelProcera system to create “a range of applications [that is] nearly unlimited” and will provide the basis for further development and refinement of an integrated digital workflow.
  • Dr. Jonathan Ferecz opined that the advantages in material and manufacturing will promote the continuous adoption of CAD/CAM systems over conventional casting techniques, and provided details on patient benefits when NobelProcera solutions are applied.

The day concluded with Mr. Geiselhöringer offering his vision on the future of dentistry and dental technology, a Q&A session for all of the participants, and closing remarks by Mr. Scala.

NobelProcera offers the next generation in the outsourcing of individualized dental prosthetics that feature superior precision fit, material homogeneity, and mechanical stability when compared to conventional casting techniques.

With NobelProcera, dental professionals can gain access to a state-of-the-art world of CAD/CAM dentistry, which includes modern production facilities in Sweden, Japan, and the United States, in addition to “innovation centers” in Canada and Belgium.

Prosthetics for every clinical indication and treatment option are designed and produced within NobelProcera—from single and multiple teeth to fully edentulous jaws, supported by natural teeth and/or implants. All NobelProcera prosthetics are individually designed according to patient specifics, using state-of-the-art 3D design software, or by scanning a wax-up. NobelProcera produces a complete range of prosthetics—from single and multiple teeth to fully edentulous jaws, supported by natural teeth and/or implants.

NobelProcera is the most documented and tested CAD/CAM system and the first system to offer integrated prosthetic planning, implant planning, and diagnostics. Using the new NobelProcera Scanner—the dental industry’s only optical scanner that employs the unique scanning technology of conoscopic holography, which allows the scanning of very steep angles as well as the scanning of full dental impressions—Nobel Biocare maintains its philosophy of providing the market with only the highest-quality products that are scientifically proven. As a full-solutions provider, NobelProcera delivers specific benefits for all partners along the value chain: laboratories, dentists, and patients.

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