Inside Dentistry
October 2008
Volume 4, Issue 9

SimPlant® CompatAbility: Dentistry Inspired by the Third Dimension

Simple, compatible, and unique: SimPlant® by Materialise Dental, Inc (Glen Burnie, MD) is a computed tomography (CT)-based implant treatment planning software system that will revolutionize any implant practice. The combination CT with customizable software enables clinicians to visualize the unknown by capturing the patient’s anatomy in multiple interactive two-dimensional views as well as a three-dimensional (3D) view. Only by visualizing patient anatomy in 3D can clinicians be certain that they are operating in the safest, most accurate clinical environment for themselves, their patients, and their team members. This full-service package of integrated solutions (equipped with minimally invasive techniques) will increase predictability and accuracy, patient acceptance and referrals, and profitability all while decreasing patient chair time and follow-up visits (Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3 and Figure 4).

From Scan...

It takes less than 10 minutes for a CT scanner to examine the patient completely. Conventional CT scan technology is available in most hospitals and private radiology facilities; cone-beam (CB) scanners are also becoming increasingly prevalent in private dental practices. SimPlant CompatAbility means a variety of scanning choices are all in the hands of the dentist. Using any CT scanner, a clinician may follow either a Single or Dual Scan Guideline to predict an accurate layout of the teeth. If the laboratory is equipped with an optical scanner, the plaster cast for tooth-supported cases may also be scanned.

To Plan...

The scanned data is then converted to SimPlant data, either on-site with the SimPlant Master software, or anywhere with the SimPlant Pro software. SimPlant then enables the dentist to assess the patient’s anatomy and see exactly how it relates to the proposed restoration, visualized from the scan prosthesis, up close on an interactive screen. The user-friendly suite of software tools allows the dentist to easily identify vital structures, simulate sinus and bone grafts, place realistic implants and abutments, analyze bone density, and so much more.

To Guide...

After a treatment plan is selected, a patient’s personalized SurgiGuide® drill guide may be previewed and ordered online. Built directly from the selected treatment plan and based on the patient’s exact measurements, these drill guides ensure safe, predictable surgery, every time. There are three different SurgiGuide drill guide templates that may be used as starting points:

  • Mucosa-supported—for completely edentulous cases where minimally invasive surgery is preferable. If a Single Scan Guideline is followed, a radiopaque scan prosthesis is necessary.

  • Bone-supported—for partially or fully edentulous cases where increased visibility is necessary. Adequate bone structure must be established to ensure a secure, effective position.

  • Tooth-supported—for single-tooth and partially edentulous cases where minimally invasive surgery is required. For these cases, a plaster cast or an optical scan of the cast is required.

Immediate Smile®

Leaving the dentist’s chair with a new smile after only one visit is something patients could only dream of—until now. In the ever-evolving science of dental implantology, flapless surgery is rapidly becoming a predictable, routine procedure. SimPlant CompatAbility provides the effective communication necessary to ensure predict-able, successful implant placement with superior esthetic results in just one visit. Using the data from simulated treatment plans of SimPlant and SurgiGuide drill guide, clinicians may now send data to the laboratory weeks in advance. The completed restoration is returned to the clinician before surgery and patients are able to leave the surgery in a single appointment with a new Immediate Smile.

Simplant Version 12.0: What to Discover?

SimPlant Goes FastTrack with Next Innovation SurgiGuide®
Have you ever wanted more influence on the SurgiGuide drill guide design? In SimPlant 12.0, this is possible. Request the drill guide to match your specific preferences and it will be produced to your exact specifications. And now with the “FastTrack SurgiGuide” option, SimPlant is able to deliver your custom SurgiGuide drill guide even faster. Ask your certified processing partner to convert the CBCT scan for “FastTrack SurgiGuide” planning.

Automatic Library Update
Currently, the SimPlant Implant Library is a collection of implant and abutment computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture (CAD/CAM) files from about 70 different implant manufacturers with new product lines and manufacturers added continuously. When additions to the library are made, your SimPlant software will download them from the Internet automatically.

Continuous Update and Improvements
For SimPlant Planner and Pro users:

  • X-Ray View” on all images makes it easier to diagnose tumors, atrophies, esthetics, and root canal failures
  • 3D measurements on all 3D objects (implants, nerves, SurgiGuide drill guide, etc)
  • Improved volume-rendering controls allow easier noise extraction from CBCT images
  • CT image reorientation corrects any alignment problem while scanning
  • 3D preview panel with extra controls
  • Quick and easy SurgiGuide drill guide ordering.

For SimPlant Pro users:

  • “X-Ray View” on sagittal images adds a scout view
  • Improved editing
  • The Dual Scan Module automatically converts your project for “FastTrack SurgiGuide” planning for fully edentulous cases.

SimPlant View

SimPlant View is one of the best communication tools on the market today. This module allows SimPlant users to save files as read-only files (similar to that of Adobe pdf files), and send them to referring clinicians, laboratories, and even their patients. SimPlant 12.0 also introduces a new module: SuperView for SimPlant Pro users. Empower yourself to send the entire CBCT dataset with 3D models and possible reorientation to your referrals. Restorative dentists as well as referring specialists (for imaging implants, orthognathic, orthodontic, temporomandibular joint, endodontic, etc) will diagnose more accurately with user-friendly SimPlant View freeware.

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