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October 2007
Volume 3, Issue 9

Clearfil Majesty™ Series from Kuraray America, Inc

Kuraray America, Inc’s (New York, NY) research scientists, developers of such trusted products as Clearfil™ SE Bond and Panavia™, have created a new series of composites, Clearfil Majesty™ Esthetic, Clearfil Majesty™ Posterior, and Clearfil Majesty™ Flow. The products in this series are not just improvements, but entirely new products. For many years, dentists have wanted just a few shades or, better yet, just one. Dentists have also asked for a composite restorative material that has very low polymerization shrinkage as well as a flowable composite that can be applied without bubbles. Kuraray America scientists responded with the Majesty Series.

Clearfil Majesty Esthetic, a light-cure, radiopaque composite restorative resin material, contains a unique and proprietary nanofiller with a special high-refractive matrix. With this composite the need to blend different shades is minimized and almost eliminated, and remarkable color matching with beautiful results becomes the norm rather than the exception. The material can actually be placed in one shade for most restorative requirements, including those Class III restorations where an opaque material and multiple other shades are necessary to prevent a dark appearance. A simple monolayer technique suffices for most restorative needs when Clearfil Majesty Esthetic is used. In addition to its dramatically simplified and precise shading feature, Clearfil Majesty Esthetic is very easy to sculpt, has a longer working time than most other composites, and does not stick to instruments. Kuraray’s light-diffusion technology is the feature that sets Majesty Esthetic above all other composite products and the feature that makes it so easy to place naturally beautiful, esthetic restorations in virtually all situations where a direct composite would be indicated. Also, while there is an excellent product in the Majesty Series for posterior needs, Majesty Esthetic’s physical properties are sufficient for Class II restorations on molars.

Clearfil Majesty Posterior is a light-cure, radiopaque restorative composite composed of a unique blend of nanofillers and micro-inorganic fillers. The result of the proprietary blending of filler content, with a filler-loading content of 92% by weight and 82% by volume, is a material with very high mechanical properties (durability and strength), an easily shapeable consistency, and very low polymerization shrinkage. Additionally, Majesty Posterior has a simple, accurate shade-matching procedure with a minimal number of shades. Clearfil Majesty Posterior provides the most reliable, easy-to-use direct restorative material currently available by solving one of the major concerns with most composite materials: polymerization shrinkage. Restorations made with Majesty Posterior will not pull away from the margins, and they have a significantly reduced risk of micro-leakage and discolorations around some restorations. The very high filler content also assures that the restoration will retain its size, shape, and durability almost exactly like natural tooth struc-ture. Kuraray scientists achieved the high strength and hardness—with properties very similar to that of porcelain—by the special blend of filler content, including a large amount of tiny nanofiller particles dispersed through the resin matrix. In addition to its very high strength, Majesty Posterior is easy to sculpt, does not stick to instruments during placement, is easy to polish, and has a surface hardness closer to natural tooth structure than most other composite products.

Clearfil Majesty Flow is a perfect partner to any restorative procedure; it can also be used alone as a restorative material. Majesty Flow is a light-cured, super-filled, radiopaque composite resin that has a very high filler-loading (81% by volume), has very low polymerization shrinkage, and a new easy-to-use dispenser that provides smooth, bubble-free applications. It has a low viscosity for optimal handling, even in maxillary molars, with good flow yet with no slumping. Majesty Flow has the properties essential for a restorative flowable material: it is very easy to use, handles so that accurate placement is easy, has high mechanical properties from the high filler content, has an easily detectable radiopacity, and exhibits a very low polymerization shrinkage. This product can be used as a flowable or as a direct restorative in select restorations, including Class V and Class I, for children or adults. The features of Clearfil Majesty Flow make it a versatile restorative for multiple clinical uses, including as a restorative composite.

This article was written by Michael R. Razzano, DDS, who has a private practice in Marietta, GA.

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Figure 1 Clearfil Majesty Esthetic is a light-cure composite restorative resin material. Figure 2 Clearfil Majesty Flow can be used in a restorative procedure or alone as a restorative material.
Figure 3 Clearfil Majesty Posterior is a light-cure, radiopaque restorative composite.

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