Inside Dentistry
September 2007
Volume 3, Issue 8

Practice Essentials

Sirona Introduces Two New Material Options: Cerec® and Incoris Blocks

Sirona Dental Systems Inc (Charlotte, NC) has launched two new all-ceramic material lines—CEREC® and inCoris blocks.

Made of partially sintered zirconium oxide, the inCoris ZI blocks are the ideal choice for the fabrication of crown copings as well as multiple-unit anterior and posterior bridges. The inCoris AL blocks are a cost-effective option for creating highly esthetic crown copings and 3-unit anterior bridge frameworks.

Both the inCoris AL and ZI blocks provide the basis for manufacturing high-precision all-ceramic crown-and-bridge restorations that fulfill the highest standards in terms of biocompatibility and esthetics. Both materials are preshaded, high-performance ceramic materials.

The CEREC blocks are made of industrially manufactured feldspar ceramic. They embody more than 2 decades of clinical research that has clearly demonstrated that fine-structure feldspar ceramic is the ideal material for the CEREC CAD/CAM system in terms of machineability and longevity.

For more information, call 866-INLAB4U (465-2248) or visit www.inLab.com.

Crown Prep Carbides
Preparing teeth for crowns is one of the most time-consuming steps in a dentist’s practice routine. The CROWNKING™ (MICROCOPY, Kennesaw, GA) carbide crown preparation bur with its unique teeth geometry reduces clogging and heat generation, thus making tooth preparation faster and better. Priced as low as $3.20 each, CROWNKING carbides match the most popular diamond burs for crown-and-bridge preparations. For more information, call 800-235-1863 or visit www.microcopydental.com.

Cosmedent For Kids Introduces a New Posterior Composite

Cosmedent For Kids (Chicago, IL) introduces FUNfill, a new dual-cure posterior composite for deciduous teeth featuring quick and easy application. Now with FUNfill, children can interact directly with their dentist. Picking their own color filling material could motivate them to take a more proactive stance in their care with a choice of four wacky filling colors: purple, pink, orange, and green. There are also four traditional shades available: A1, A2, B-Zero, and B1.

FUNfill’s many advantages include its convenient delivery system, high compressive strength, superior marginal integrity, and excellent polishability. FUNfill is radiopaque and is filled 70% by weight so that it is strong, yet it is fluid enough to handle easily. With the use of Cosmedent’s dispensing gun, this material flows directly into the cavity. FUNfill is great for pediatric dentists as it delivers both speed and excellence.

For information, call 800-621-6729 or visit www.cosmedent.com.

Crosstex Introduces Patients’ Choice™ Zap™ Fluoride Gels and Foams

Zap™ Fluoride Gels and Foams are gluten-free, with xylitol, in fabulous flavors. Zap Gel and Foams flow to completely cover teeth, and then thicken to stay in place. Zap Gels and Foams have APF for enhanced fluoride uptake. Gel is also available dye free with APF or neutral pH.

For more information, call 888-CROSSTEX or visit www.crosstex.com.

Osteo Pillow
In response to the many requests for a pillow to fit the needs of dental patients with osteoporosis or elderly patients who can not bring their head back to the proper position, Crescent Products, Inc (Maple Grove, MN) has introduced a new comfort product—the Crescent Osteo Pillow™. While Crescent’s popular-selling dental headrest, backrest, bodyrest, and knee support offer comfort and support during procedures, the Osteo Pillow is a great add-on item for use on patients who require a thicker support. This pillow was designed for patients who have difficulty bringing their head to a reclined position in the dental chair. It is made from the same memory foam as Crescent’s other comfort products and is 2 inches thicker than the original dental headrest. It is covered in the medical-grade vinyl for easy cleaning.

For more information, call 800-989-8085 or visit www.crescentproducts.com.

Sunstar Adds More Fun and Variety to the Crayola™ Dental Office with New Oral Care Products for Kids
Sunstar Americas, Inc (Chicago, IL) has added a new, colorful addition to its Crayola™ line of oral care products for kids.

With unique packaging and bright colors, the new Butler® Crayola™ Prophy Paste is the most recent addition to Sunstar’s complete Crayola™ Dental Office. Butler’s Fluoride Foam and GUM® Crayola™ Fluoride Trays are also quality products that supplement the Crayola Dental Office line and add fun to the hygiene experience.

Butler Crayola Prophy Paste Variety Pack builds on the fun of the Crayola coloring experience. The Crayola Prophy Paste Variety Pack is offered in a Crayola-themed box. The fine pumice-based paste offers balanced polishing ingredients for excellent cleaning and polishing. Holding a total of 150 cups, the Crayola Prophy Paste Variety Pack includes 50 cups each of grape-, bubble gum-, and orange-flavored prophy pastes.

The Crayola Fluoride Foam Variety Pack offers kids a choice of three kid-friendly flavors—bubble gum, orange, and tropical punch. The light, nonaerosol foam provides effective delivery while flowing easily in and around each tooth to provide maximum coverage. The variety pack of three fluoride foam bottles is packaged in a colorful Crayola themed box.

For more information, visit www.SunstarAmericas.com.

DentalEZ’s New On Wall Logic (OWL™) Unit Provides Centralized Utility Room Control
DentalEZ® Group (Malvern, PA) introduces RAMVAC® On Wall Logic (OWL™) information center. The RAMVAC OWL information center has the ability to control all RAMVAC and CustomAir® utility room products from one convenient location. It replaces large, space-consuming panels typically used for microprocessor-controlled systems.

The OWL is a remote-mounted information center that can provide real-time information about RAMVAC vacuum pumps and CustomAir compressors, including maintenance reminders, fault detection, and product cycling.

For more information, call 866-DTE-INFO or visit www.dentalez.com.

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