Inside Dentistry
June 2007
Volume 3, Issue 6

Industry Insider

J. Morita USA Announces New Senior VP of Sales and Marketing

J. Morita USA (Irvine, CA) has hired Steven White as the new senior vice president of sales and marketing. In this role, he will assume responsibility for sales management, strategic partnerships, and marketing programs.

Mr. White has more than 30 years of experience in the dental industry. Prior to joining J. Morita USA, he served as vice president of development for Island Dental Co (Lake Mary, FL) and president of Dentech Corporation (Lynden, WA). Active in the dental community, Mr. White is a member of the Dental Trade Alliance and has appeared as a speaker and panel participant at numerous professional meetings and dental conventions. Additional experience includes the development and implementation of sales training programs and education for dental professionals related to health and productivity improvement.

For more information, call 888-JMORITA (566-7482).

The DentalEZ® Group Welcomes Maria Silvia Perez as International Sales Representative

The DentalEZ® Group (Malvern, PA) has appointed Maria Silvia Perez as international sales representative.

In her new position, Ms. Perez will be responsible for developing new prospects and additional DentalEZ sales in Mexico and Latin America. She will also become acclimated to international variances in cultural and legal issues pertaining to sales of various DentalEZ products. Ms. Perez is based out of Malvern, PA. She can be contacted at 800-293-5206, extension 1319, or at mperez@dentalez.com.

Da Vinci Dental Studios Opens Nixon Learning Center

On March 9, 2007, da Vinci Institute’s Robert L. Nixon Learning Center at da Vinci Dental Studios (West Hills, CA) opened its doors. The newly built, 1,500 square foot, state-of-the-art Learning Center flexed its technological muscle, hosting the “Hands-On Implant Placement and Bone Grafting Seminar”—the first of a series of multi-part seminars funded by AB Dental (Los Angeles, CA) and sponsored by Pearson Dental (Sylmar, CA).

“It has been a dream of mine since I started in a laboratory to have an educational center,” says Daniel Materdomini, master ceramist and owner of da Vinci Dental Studios. “The Robert Nixon Center is a facility that’s unique to the industry. It is about the newest technology and the latest trends. It is an educational center featuring live patients where dentists can train in implantology, cosmetic dentistry, and other disciplines, as well as taking courses in practice management and dental marketing. It’s for general practitioners, not just periodontists or prosthodontists.”

The Nixon Learning Center boasts two complete operatories, closed circuit televisions transmitting live broadcasts of procedures, and stations for between 40 and 50 people to achieve a hands-on experience. “All the technicians can watch what’s going on as well,” says Materdomini. “We participate in the process of the dentists being educated. Our people get educated as well, so we can work closely the dentist to create the prosthesis they’re anticipating.”

At the first seminar, a live surgery on a patient was transmitted from the operatory to the learning center, where the participants mimicked the surgery on pig mandibles (Figure 1). Such an experience “physically creates a situation similar to that of an actual patient. So it’s not just a slide presentation or viewing, it’s a complete hands-on facility,” Materdomini says. “And this is only the beginning. We’re also getting other companies in to teach the newest and latest technologies with regard to CAD/CAM, such as digital impressions.” The course, which is divided into 15 2-day sessions, earns participants 16 continuing education credits.

“da Vinci is providing this facility free of cost to manufacturers interested in promoting education,” Materdomini says. “We investigate the type of product they’re selling or promoting, or how they’re teaching to make certain it’s beneficial to the people taking this seminar—they’ve got to be able to go out in the real world and do what they’ve learned.”

Adds Tara Schiff of da Vinci, “We’re really interested in improving cosmetic dentistry as a whole, and that’s part of the education. The manufacturers just need a worthwhile program and we’ll help them put it on.”

“My goal is not only to educate and promote, but to place patients in dentists offices,” notes Materdomini. “It shouldn’t be the dentists out there trying to get patients through advertising. They should be doing their dentistry. It’s the manufacturer that should be doing the advertising for them, and that’s my goal.”

Future courses at the Nixon Learning Center include: “Advanced Bone-Grafting Hands-On Seminar,” “Advanced Implant Restoration Techniques, Implant Overdentures, and Complicated Management,” and “Advanced Soft Tissue Surgery for the General Practitioner.” All courses provide 16 CE credits. For more information or to register for these courses, call da Vinci Dental Studios at 1-800-874-7239 or visit www.davincilab.com.

Sirona Dental Academy Open for CEREC Training

Sirona Dental Systems, Inc (Charlotte, NC) is now offering CEREC training at its Charlotte, NC facilities.

The first course available is Clinical Proficiency with the CEREC Master Mode. This intermediate level training was designed to facilitate a smooth transition to single-visit posterior CEREC restorations. The objectives focus on improved efficiency for the dentist and staff, refined technique of the three Ps (prepare, powder, and picture), and proper selection of case design method. The course creates an efficient workflow process for the dentist that will guarantee success with standard posterior CEREC cases. Additional CEREC courses will be offered in the future.

Clinical Proficiency with the CEREC Master Mode is being offered June 22?23, July 20?21, August 10?11, September 7?8, and November 9?10. Reservations can be made by calling 800-659-5977 or by visiting www.sironadentalacademy.com.

Clinical Adhesive Newsletter

Parkell, Inc (Edgewood, NY), recently announced the availability of Issue 53 in its Adhesive Newsletter Series—an eight-page publication devoted to the clinical aspects of adhesion dentistry.

Written in a conversational, easy-to-understand style, this issue addresses bonding questions submitted by practicing dentists and reviews a number of research presentations from the recent 2007 International Association for Dental Research meeting.

In an article entitled, “How to be an Evidence-Based Seminar Attendee,” Nelson Gendusa, DDS, research director, Parkell, offers a simple way for the skeptical attendee to differentiate between “good” and “not-so-good” information.

Other articles discuss the dangers of fast-curing composites, as well as new research into techniques for protecting exposed dentin during the provisional period.

For more information, e-mail info@parkell.com or visit www.parkell.com.

Adar International Education DVDsAre Now Available

Adar International (Atlanta, GA), in partnership with National Dental Network (Plano, TX), offers a series of educational DVDs featuring step-by-step procedures instructed by Master Ceramist Pinhas Adar, MDT, CDT. Topics include: single central incisor, the trial smile, and porcelain laminate veneers.

For more information, call 866-465-4164 or visit www.oral-design.com or www.nationallabnetwork.com/adar.

New ARESTIN® Website Provides Dental Professionals and Consumers with the Latest Periodontal Disease Information and Resources
OraPharma, Inc (Warminster, PA) launched the third generation of its Web site, www.ARESTIN.com.

The site, originally launched in 2002, quickly became a primary online destination for dentists, hygienists, and patients seeking access to the latest information on the treatment of periodontal disease. The new ARESTIN.com site provides patients and practitioners with easy access to relevant topics, such as:

  • periodontal disease risk factors
  • current clinical research involving ARESTIN® plus SRP compared to SRP alone; and
  • tools and resources to help understand and communicate the need for consistent diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of periodontal disease, including ARESTIN plus SRP.

For more information, visit www.orapharma.com.

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