Inside Dentistry
March 2006
Volume 2, Issue 2

Practice Essentials

AZ Ultrasonic Multipurpose System
The AZ Ultrasonic is a piezo ultrasonic generator that uses ultrasonic tips to perform dental treatment. Numerous power settings permit use for a broad range of applications including perio, endo, and general scaling. The AZ Ultrasonic also offers new technology that enables the unit to self-adjust for a consistent amplitude, compensating for the effort applied. At any level of operation, the result is a continuous, steady vibration. Other features include: variable water flow control, numerous tip options, and lightweight handpiece (approx. 50 g). For more information, call 1-888-JMORITA (566-7482) or contact your dealer.

High-Power LED Curing Light

The EasyCuring™ is a cordless, handheld, light-curing device based on a high intensity 5W LED. The EasyCuring tip consists of a strong blue LED placed next to the patient’s tooth, emitting well over 1,1000 mW/cm2. The light emitted is in the 460 to 470 nm wavelength range. A 15-degree offset angle from the zenith and 360 degrees of rotation ease the reach to the patient’s tooth. Its onboard microcontroller supplies a stable light intensity output even when the battery power is low. This microcontroller also assures that the time duration of every cycle is precise. A metallic housing makes the hand piece robust and provides a good grip feeling. To order or for more information, please call your supply house or Dent Corp. Research at 1-800-454-9244.

CAESY Printables Available to Wider Audience

Patterson Dental Supply’s CAESY Printables, printable versions of CAESY’s more than 200 multimedia presentations, are now being offered for sale to non-CAESY customers. Previously only available to current CAESY DVD customers, the software enables dentists and their staff to create printable versions of CAESY’s multimedia presentations that patients can take home. Each 1- to 2-page CAESY Printables presentation comes with full-color photos and is available with either English or Spanish text. The CD-ROM program can be quickly and easily installed on any number of computers throughout the office. Single or multiple presentation copies can be branded and printed with a practice’s name and logo. For more information, visit www.caesy.com or call 1-877-229-9441.

EVA Intraoral Digital X-Ray System
You will be rewarded both clinically and financially with the EVA Intraoral Digital X-Ray System from DENT-X. With multiple enhancement tools, EVA produces sharp, high-quality diagnostic images. Feel secure with EVA’s free lifetime manufacturer’s tech support and free 3-year warranty. And EVA can save you thousands of dollars when interfacing with Dent-X’sProImage and leading image management software suites. For more information, call Dent-X at 1-800-225-1702.

SybronEndo Elements Obturation Unit
The newly designed Elements Obturation Unit incorporates advanced technologies involving software, metallurgy, electronics, and industrial design with the best elements of System B and a patent-pending motorized extruder that makes backfill easy. The in-line gun configuration allows a pencil-grip use, dramatically enhancing tactile feedback and manual control of the backfill procedure. Patent-pending sheath technology allows the clinician to minimize downtime needed for sterilization. The Elements Obturation unit is also designed to be used with either gutta percha or RealSeal™. From downpack to backfill, from filling lateral canals to creating post spaces, the Elements Obturation Unit puts the Continuous Wave of Condensation technique in one simple to operate unit taking up only one third the space of 2 separate machines. For more information please contact SybronEndo at 800-346-ENDO or onlineat www.SybronEndo.com.

The Endopore® Hybrid Implant
The Endopore Hybrid implant combines the attributes of both threaded and porous-surfaced implants in a design that features 3 threads on the coronal region of the implant for exceptional initial implant stability and a unique porous surface topography that provides 3-dimensional fixation when osseointegrated. This enhanced engagement allows for shorter implant lengths to support functional loading with greater resistance to lateral and rotational forces. For prosthetic flexibility, the Endo­pore Hybrid is available in an internal and external hex connection. The Endopore porous surface has over 15 years of clinical human studies. For more information, please contact Innova Corporation at 1-800-898-6261 or www.innovalife.com.

Ergonomic Applicator for Expasyl™
Expasyl gingival retraction paste, the fast, painless alternative to packing retraction cords, now features a new applicator that fits smaller hands, improves intraoral access, and delivers smooth extrusion with minimal effort. A packaging upgrade (foil pouch for the capsules) maintains the consistency of the paste. Expasyl provides excellent gingival retraction to facilitate marginal access and can be rinsed from the sulcus in less than 2 minutes after application. Aluminum chloride controls bleeding and leaves a dry field. Expasyl can also be used in cosmetic procedures such as veneers and crowns. For more information, visit KerrDental.com or call 1-800-KERR-123.

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