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Parkell Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary

Posted on Tuesday, March 21, 2023

With Predominantly all Products Proudly Manufactured in the USA

Parkell, a global leader in dental materials and devices, is excited to celebrate its 75th anniversary. Based on Long Island, New York, Parkell has been proudly performing the vast majority of design, engineering, manufacturing, and service work in the United States, and from its same approximate footprint for 75 years. This long presence on Long Island is a point of pride for Parkell, due to its strong commitment to its talented team, some of whom have been at Parkell for several decades, as well as its strong connection with the Long Island community.

“It was 75 years ago when two entrepreneurs, Alex Mitchell and Carl Parker, came together on Long Island to form Parkell,” says David Mott, President of Parkell, “and Parkell’s mission today remains the same as when it was formed: to provide customers and partners with innovative, premium-quality products that enable dental professionals to give unsurpassed patient care.”

“Parkell’s commitment to the dental community has never been stronger,” says Mott. “Our mission is to work ever closer with practicing dentists, in efforts to identify ongoing challenges and needs, and to work collaboratively to come up with innovative solutions. It is this connection with the dental community and our focus on quality that has gotten us to 75 years. We know that customers place a high level of trust in Parkell when using our products, and we work extremely hard to honor that trust by delivering only the best possible products and services.”

Parkell’s products are currently sold in over 60 countries, through a vast network of distributors as well as through Parkell’s new subsidiary in Europe. Parkell’s diverse portfolio of advanced materials and devices includes, the TurboSensor® ultrasonic scalers and handcrafted 25K and 30K magnetostrictive inserts and piezo tips (which service tens of thousands of dental offices in the U.S. alone), Blu-Mousse® bite registration materials, the Predicta® Bioactive family of restoratives, cements, and desensitizers, Dryz® gingival retraction paste, Digitest® pulp vitality tester, Brush&Bond® bonding agents, C&B-Metabond® adhesive luting cement system, Cinch® impression materials, SNAP® self-cure Resin, SmarTemp® temporary crown and bridge materials, Sensimatic® electrosurgical device, the generations-trusted and gold-standard Accufilm® articulating film, and many, many more.

With a long history of forging and cultivating relationships with dental professionals from early on as students, Parkell’s commitment to creating innovative products has helped it grow with customers and remain a mainstay at schools with progressive educational programs. Throughout the years, Parkell has supported many organizations and agencies by providing unsurpassed quality and performance, which has made it the go-to for reliability.

For more information about Parkell, please visit or call (800) 243-7446.  

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