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Four Earn Prestigious AO Certificate in Implant Dentistry

Posted on Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Four members of the Academy of Osseointegration (AO) have been recognized as recently earning the AO Certificate in Implant Dentistry.

A number of years ago, the Academy launched its Certificate in Implant Dentistry, which provides members the opportunity to demonstrate their comprehensive education and clinical experience and expand their core knowledge in the field of implant dentistry. It also allows them to demonstrate their commitment to AO.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic having forced the Academy to cancel its 2020 Annual Meeting, members who have qualified for this certificate from last year and this year were recently recognized for having achieved the Certificate. They are:

Yuen Lok Loretta Ching, BDS, MSD, assistant clinical professor, Department of General Dentistry, School of Dentistry, Loma Linda University. “Achieving the AO Certificate in Implant Dentistry is a great honor to me. It is an important recognition and continuous reminder that I must strive to keep up my work and aim at becoming a better implantologist.”

Jorge Mauricio Hervas, DDS, MS, who graduated from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. A member of the Academy for the last 16 years, he remains active in his private practice and the various faculty positions he holds at Nova Southern University.

Robert H. Sattler, DMD, a general practitioner in a family private practice in Southampton, PA. He graduated from Temple University School of Dentistry and is also in private practice. Dr. Sattler has been a member of the Academy for more than 20 years and remains very active his community.

Amerian D. Sones, DMD, MS, prosthodontist and AO Board of Directors Vice President is the final recipient. She is director of the Department of Continuing Education at the University of Texas A&M and graduated from UCLA School of Dentistry. In addition to also serving as the Global University Task Force Lead, Dr. Sones has been the main driver of the Certificate program since its inception at the Academy’s 2016 Annual Meeting.

“Achieving this special award is especially meaningful to me as a long-time member and leader of the Academy, as it clearly challenged me to bring my very best,” said Dr. Sones. “The four required clinical cases comprehensively questioned my knowledge and skill in dental implant treatment planning. I found it to be much more demanding and time consuming than I originally anticipated. However, the effort devoted to applying was so worthwhile on a personal level.” 

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