Using Radios at Your Office? Now There’s a “Hands Free” Earpiece Available

Posted on March 1, 2021

Radio communication has grown in the dental industry over recent years due the low cost of efficient communications. National 2Way (N2W) has created the “Touch-Free PTT”. Touch-Free-PTT allows users to use a wristband to trigger the PTT without using your hands. This keeps your hands clean with or without your disposable gloves on.

Touch-Free PTT allows users to use a wristband to trigger the PTT without using your hands. It’s perfect for the dental industry wanting a “hands-free” application.

At a time where Dental Offices around the US see less patients because of Covid19, using a Touch-Free solution provides a quicker way to speed-up seeing patients. Our Touch-Free PTT allows the dentist to wear it underneath their scrubs and communicate without having to leave the patient alone. Finding people throughout an office can be a hassle at times but at National2Way, we aim to improve communication and efficiency throughout an office so that everyone in the office is on the same page

National 2Way is a leading manufacturer of premium two-way radio accessories. We pride ourselves on delivering quality product & finding solutions for all communication needs. N2W also offers FREE branding with your company logo on our products so your patients will always keep your practice at the forefront of their mind. We have a comprehensive Dealer Market across the US so please call us at (877) 692-5330 for a Dealer near you.

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