RH-Pro9 Sterilizer Validated for Pouched Instruments & Cassettes

Posted on July 9, 2020

CPAC’s RapidHeat™ family of waterless tabletop high-velocity hot air sterilizers is growing with the introduction of the RH-Pro9 compact tabletop sterilizer.

The RH-Pro9 has a 3-tray capacity and provides a complete 12-Log Kill cycle from start to finish in less than 20 minutes for pouched instruments and 40 minutes for wrapped cassettes.

Unlike steam sterilization, modern RapidHeat sterilizers require NO lengthy drying cycle that can be by-passed or shortened to speed up instrument turnaround… a practice that is in violation of FDA and CDC requirements. With the absence of water, steam and pressure, RapidHeat sterilizers do not require extensive maintenance.

Independent laboratory tests have confirmed that RapidHeat’s energy consumption is 85% less than steam. These tests have also confirmed that the RapidHeat™ waterless sterilization environment does not contribute to instrument corrosion and shortened instrument life that has been proven to be characteristic of steam sterilization.

In addition to the RH-Pro9, CPAC also offers RapidHeat sterilizers in two other models: the RH-Pro11 Large-Capacity 4-tray unit and the small single-tray COX RapidHeat unit.

For more information: visit us at www.cpac.com or call toll free 800-828-6011, ext. 1372 or E-mail dbaker@cpac.com.

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