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Ascentcare's New Product: the VacuLUX Illuminated HVE Adapter

Posted on Monday, April 13, 2020

Ascentcare Dental Products, a dental products company focused on the creation of innovative dental technologies, has recently announced the release of their newest product, an illuminated HVE adapter for isolation mouthpieces that helps to remove 90% of infectious aerosols.

Simple, portable and affordable, the VacuLUX Illuminated HVE Adapter was designed to solve problems associated with other high-performance isolation systems while reducing bioaerosols produced during your routine procedures.

Studies have shown that proper HVE suction can reduce aerosols by 90% and the VacuLUX allows you to accomplish this without complicated installation of costly equipment. The VacuLUX adapter attaches to any existing HVE valve at any dental chair in your clinic. Simply plug in the adapter like you would an HVE suction tip and attach your Zyris or Dryshield mouthpiece for easy isolation and proper HVE suction.

As you increase your efforts to avoid cross-contamination, the one-piece design of the VacuLUX makes daily sterilization easy and quick. Other HVE adapters consume your time with complicated disassembly and reassembly for sterilization. Unlike the degradable plastic design of other adapters, the VacuLUX’s aluminum design will withstand your daily autoclave needs without costly replacement over time.

CEO of Ascentcare Dental Products, Austin Ritter, describes the reasons for bringing the VacuLUX to market: “We wanted to create an uncomplicated and affordable isolation option that both dentists and hygienists can use at every chair by simply attaching to a standard HVE valve. Increasing concerns over virus transmission have brought a lot of attention to an area of dentistry that was often overlooked: transmissible bioaerosols produced during routine procedures. Now you can increase your efforts to reduce aerosols at an affordable price with the VacuLUX.”

If you are a doctor who has closed their clinic to slow the spread of COVID-19, investing in costly HVE isolation systems does not make good economic sense. Ascentcare has lowered the cost of their VacuLUX for this period of time when many dentists are not practicing. You can get started with the VacuLUX adapter for a small fraction of the cost of other HVE dental isolation adapters. If you want the added option of flooding your work area with illumination, simply couple to Ascentcare’s multi-purpose and low-cost light engine.

When you return to your clinic, return prepared to make necessary changes that will minimize risks of contamination for yourself, your staff and your patients. One way to lower this risk is by reducing 90% of unavoidable, harmful bioaerosols with the affordable VacuLUX light engine. Visit or call (616) 843-4900 to learn more about Ascentcare’s simple, portable and affordable VacuLUX Illuminated HVE Adapter.


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