Posted on January 9, 2020

Barrier Free Bioactivity…

Many restorative materials are presented as Bioactive, however, they rarely provide the ionic release required for improved outcomes.

Each of these materials require an adhesive to be placed between the tooth and the material itself. This adhesive layer prevents the Bioactive ions released by the restorative material from engaging the tooth structure, thus limiting Bioactive benefits.

Vista Regennex Bioactive Universal Bond, incorporates Bioactive materials directly into the adhesive layer, depositing biologically charged ions where it counts. This allows you to obtain bioactivity while using any of your trusted composites, or other restorative materials!

Regennex is proprietary chemistry, using Bioglass as the active ingredient. Bioglass is an osteogenic catalyst, proven through decades of medical research and countless clinical studies to stimulate bone cells toward self-repair.

Bioglass is a biocompatible, antimicrobial material that has been verified to release the necessary ions to stimulate hydroxyapatite formation. There are many clinical benefits with results including the closure of any gaps at the resin-dentin interface and potential for improved bond longevity.

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