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Keystone Industries and EvoDent Inc. Announce 3D Printing Collaboration

Posted on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Keystone Industries and EvoDent Inc. have collaborated to partner Keystone’s KeyPrint® line of dental 3D printing materials with EvoDent’s line of innovative and cost-efficient 3D printers, offering a premium set of dental solutions to the marketplace.

EvoDent’s line of 3D printers were introduced in 2017, now led by the E120 model DLP printer. EvoDent’s printers are designed for extremely high accuracy, reliability, and production output, at a reasonable price and cost of ownership. Since inception, EvoDent has gathered a loyal group of dental professionals who use the EvoDent technology every day in their workflows.

Keystone has been a trusted dental manufacturer since 1908 and has developed an expertise over several decades in manufacturing photopolymer formulations. The KeyPrint® dental 3D printing solutions are manufactured in the USA at Keystone’s FDA-registered and ISO 13485 certified facilities. The company partners with leading 3D printer companies to validate its state-of-the-art resins and increase its market presence.

“We are very excited to have validated our KeyPrint resins in the EvoDent line of printers,” said Ira Rosenau, president of Keystone’s dental group. “EvoDent Inc. has a unique approach to bringing utmost value and quality to the dental 3D printing industry, and Keystone shares their commitment to excellent and precise printed dental appliances, while doing so at a reasonable cost to the dental end-users.”

EvoDent Inc’s Vice President Chris Niquette said, “Having the KeyPrint line validated in our printers is an exciting next chapter for EvoDent. The Keystone team has a rigorous focus on quality materials and innovative offerings, and to be able to partner those materials with the EvoDent printers is a huge value to our customers.”

EvoDent and Keystone presented the EvoDent printers and KeyPrint materials at the Chicago Dental Society’s Annual Mid-Winter Meeting and at LMT Lab Day in Chicago from February 21-23, 2019. The new E120 printer was on display, as were Keystone’s materials like KeyGuide for surgical guides and KeySpint Soft.

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