Standard Tray for Calset Composite Warmer

Posted on August 8, 2018

AdDent announces an upgrade to the Standard Tray for our Calset Composite Warmer.

The New Standard Tray now has the capacity to hold eight composite compules, where the original design held only four. This change was made as a response to our customer’s request for a higher capacity Standard Tray. As dentistry changes, AdDent is responding to our customer’s changing needs.

The New Standard Tray fits conveniently on top of the Calset heater base and can be purchased separately or as a complete Calset kit.

Other accessory trays in the Calset line are: Multi-Tray, 3D Tray, Tri-Tray, 7-Hole Syringe Tray, Porcelain Veneer Tray, Restoration Tray and Anesthetic Tray.

An extensive list of research articles on the advantages of warming composites can be found on our website at

Contact AdDent toll free at: 855-211-3413 for additional information. We are ISO certified and our products are manufactured in the USA in Danbury Ct. 


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