Loupes for all Facial Types with the ErgoFit Nose Pad

Posted on July 9, 2018

The best performing loupes are the ones that fit the best - determined both by how the frame fits the face, and how the ocular is positioned for the eye. For some clinicians, fitting problems can occur because of varying facial features.

For example:

Eyelashes touching oculars

Peripheral vision being blocked by the ocular for clinicians with certain facial features

Fogging carrier lenses due to limited ventilation

Drop-in eye prescription lenses touching the face

With the ErgoFit Nose Pad, developed by SurgiTel in 2017, the space between the oculars and eyes can be optimized, eliminating fitting issues like the ones above.

Multiple options available for best fit for the clinician.


Eliminates fitting issue due to facial feature variance

Greater adjustability and fine tuning, so the clinician can truly customize their fit

More comfortable and allows for better vision


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