Axsys Dental Solutions to Distribute the New Medit i500 Intraoral Scanner

Posted on June 21, 2018

Axsys Dental Solutions has announced that they have entered into an agreement with Medit to distribute their new i5OO intraoral scanner.

Costing $18,000 with no license fees, the i500 uses a high-speed dual camera system for fast, precise photogrammetry, is powderless, and is lightweight, with a fine tip for ease of use and patient comfort. It uses an open CAD/CAM system, meaning operators can export STL files out of the MeditLINK management software and instantly share them with the dental lab. They can also transfer files and track progress throughout the digital workflow.

Thanks to its intelligent scan detecting algorithm, the i500 also easily picks up where it left off if the scanning process is interrupted, making for a smoother scanning experience. The i500 takes rapid, video-based scans, and its smart technology means its colored scans can distinguish between soft tissue, plaque, and tooth enamel with a precision of 25 microns across the full arch.

“We diligently researched intraoral scanners and found the Medit i500 meets all of our stringent requirements for speed, flexibility, accuracy, and reliability, at a price that is affordable and accessible to all,” stated President Steve Braykovich of Axsys Incorporated. “Its impressive speed and powderless system shortens turnaround time for remarkable increases in productivity – and it clearly stands out as the most the most accurate cross arch IOS that we have investigated. By adding the Medit i500 to our portfolio, we’re able to say we have best-in-class offerings for every stage of workflow. If you’re just starting out and want a cost-effective introduction to all the benefits of digital dental workflow, this is a fantastic option. And for practices looking for a chairside system, they can come to us for complete solutions that are impossible to beat in terms of performance and affordability.”

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