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Elevate Oral Care's Advantage Arrest™ Featured in PBS Segment

Posted on Monday, February 26, 2018

Elevate Oral Care, a leader in dental preventive products, had their flagship product Advantage Arrest™ featured in a PBS NewsHour segment this past January. The report discussed how silver diamine fluoride is used to strengthen teeth and provide a safe and effective way to treat and prevent certain dental issues, particularly in children and seniors. Its various uses in preventive dental health, along with its cost, comfort and time savings for patients, make silver diamine fluoride (or SDF) a unique and versatile addition to the dental practice.

PBS reporters interviewed several dental professionals on the efficacy and uses of SDF and were met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. SDF's ability to harden tooth structure and kill pathogenic organisms carries a number of implications for its use, particularly in children, special needs patients and seniors who may be less able to perform their own preventive care. PBS especially focused on SDF's safety, due to recent discussion of the risks of sedation in dentistry.

Kevin Thomas, Managing Member of Elevate Oral Care, states, "Silver diamine fluoride is a unique therapy with many potential uses in dentistry. Its benefits make it a powerhouse for preventive oral care, and we're glad that this product is being more broadly showcased."

Dr. Peter Milgrom, an officer with Advantage Silver Dental Arrest, LLC, the FDA Clearance holder for the product added, "Advantage Arrest has been rapidly adopted in all the major university dental schools and its use is endorsed by major dental organizations."

Although SDF has been commonly used in other countries around the world for over 60 years, Elevate Oral Care is the first company to market commercial use of this product in the United States. Elevate began marketing Advantage Arrest™ in 2015, and since then SDF has been the subject of numerous clinical studies, peer-reviewed journal articles, and was even the topic of a New York Times article in 2016.

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