DryShield Dental Isolation System Rated Highly by Evaluators in Clinicians Report Clinical Trials

Posted on December 12, 2017

DryShield, the only all-in-one, fully autoclavable isolation system for dentistry, is excited to announce that it has been recognized by dental legend and thought leader Gordon Christensen in an independent evaluation, published in the Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report. Evaluators strongly recommended the dental isolation system, stating that the product provided “excellent isolation, moisture control, retraction, and bite block in one device.” Nearly threequarters of evaluators indicated they would use DryShield in their own practice and believed it was worthy of trial by their colleagues.

The report described DryShield as follows:

Convenient intraoral bite block and moisture control device that combines the tasks of high-suction evacuator, saliva ejector, bite block, tongue shield, retraction, and isolation of two opposing quadrants. Provides hands-free evacuation. Kit includes all four sizes of mouthpieces (pedo, small, medium, and large). Mouthpieces designed to allow for easy cleaning and sterilization for re-use on many patients.

The advantages of DryShield include:

• Excellent isolation with 4 sizes of mouthpieces

• Effective suction and moisture evacuation

• Easy to place and use

DryShield founder Lan Nguyen, DDS remarked, “As a practicing dentist, we are extremely humbled and ecstatic to be recognized by the leader in dental education. It is encouraging to see that we are making an impact on the dental industry, and improving the practice of dentistry with the technology we worked long and hard to develop.”

The DryShield system combines the tasks of a high-suction evacuator, dry angles, cotton rolls, and gauze in one sleek device. DryShield is now in use at thousands of dental practices and has won an array of awards. The system is designed to fit into the economics of dental practices without sacrificing quality. It is the only fully autoclavable modern isolation system available on the market, reducing cost by eliminating the use of disposable mouthpieces. DryShield is available in 4 sizes with interchangeable bite blocks, for a total of 16 different size combinations; ensuring a perfect fit for any patient.

To learn more about DryShield isolation systems, visit dryshield.com. To order, contact DryShield toll-free at 888-379-0300.

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