Dreve’s Confidence in Prodways Continues

Posted on September 7, 2017

Just a few days before the Lab Day East tradeshow in Atlantic City, Dreve showed its continued trust in Prodways with the installation of two new ProMaker L5000 D at its US facilities in Eden Prairie and the University of Kentucky, bringing the total MOVINGLight® 3D printers purchased since the beginning of their collaboration up to 13.

Dreve manufactures models and implant guides for dentures and orthodontic pieces. Dentists are increasingly using intraoral scanners, thereby bringing the workflow into the digital realm, which could result in a sharp increase in the demand for 3D-printed dental models over the coming years. To meet this increasing demand, Dreve chose to equip its dental production facility in Germany with Prodways’ MOVINGLight® printers in 2013.

Dreve’s accuracy tests on the new ProMaker L5000 D at its US facilities showed a result of more than 95% data points within 32µ on dental model production. As a result, Dreve chose to train future dental specialists on MOVINGLight® based 3D printers at its facility within the University of Kentucky to develop new dental applications.

Dr. Volker Dreve, Chief Executive Officer of Dreve, stated: “We decided to launch our own production for high-quality dental models using Prodways MOVINGLight® 3D printers four years ago. We have chosen these printers because they are more precise and more accurate than other market ranges and highly reliable. Our decision to go on with Prodways printers is driven by Prodways’ constant quality for dental production.”

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