GC America Introduces New Composite Restorative and Bonding Agent

Posted on October 21, 2015

Alsip, IL – GC America Inc. is excited to announce the launch of a new composite restorative, G-ænial Sculpt, and a new universal bonding agent, G-Premio Bond, effective September 1, 2015.

G-aenial Sculpt is a compactable, universal composite that features the same high density, uniform dispersion nano-filler technology found in G-aenial Universal Flo. This creates a resin that is easy to shape, sculpt and polish. G-aenial Sculpt provides a strong, wear resistant and radiopaque finished restoration with beautiful esthetics. A self-polishing effect enables simple rough finishing with a bur to bring the restoration to a beautiful luster and will continue to increase in polish over time with excellent “chameleon” shade match to enamel. This feature helps to provide an exceptional clinical outcome for a wide variety of clinical procedures. It is available in 17 shades in either syringe or unitip delivery.

G-ænial Sculpt was developed to be used in combination with G-ænial™ Universal Flo. Complimentary shades and the unique self-polishing characteristic are present in both G-aenial brands providing clinicians with an excellent option for any direct restorative procedure.

G-Premio Bond is a universal (8th generation) bonding agent that is compatible with total-etch, self-etch and selective etch techniques providing excellent versatility. It is perfectly adapted to all direct restorations and can also be used to repair indirect restorations without the use of primer. G-Premio Bond can also be used in combination with a silane when repairing glass or hybrid ceramic and is also ideal for hypersensitivity. It is available in a 5 mL bottle with a new silicone cover to enable more precise drop dispensing and a 50 unit dose pack (0.16 mL each).

When using G-ænial Sculpt, G-ænial Universal Flo and G-Premio Bond together, a clinician will have the consistent and predictable materials that allow him to create highly esthetic and wear resistant direct restorations. Please note that G-ænial Sculpt Introductory Kits contain G-Premio Bond allowing clinicians to try both products together.

For more information on GC America’s products, please visit www.gcamerica.com.

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