TEREC, NA Holds Meeting in St. Louis

Posted on October 15, 2015

TEREC, NA (Technical Research Consortium of North America), a strategic alliance of leading independently owned dental laboratories, held its Fall 2015 meeting in St. Louis, Missouri in September. The prestigious organization's 3-day meeting included presentations by representatives of DENTSPLY Implants, Dental Wings, and DRNA.

TEREC, NA continues to reach out to the leading companies and associations in the world for the latest in technology, manufacturing, and industry trends. At tmeeting, Patrick Maley, Director of Business Development, Western US and Steven Touchie, Vice President, Sales North America from Dental Wings gave the group a presentation on their company overview and history, recent product announcements, and integration strategy of CAD design, surgical planning, impression scanning, intraoral scanning, and laser milling.

Matt Gasell, Travis Bedwell, Darin Lockaby, Fred Senne, and Jeff Vaught from DENTSPLY Implants provided TEREC members with a presentation on dates on current and future DENTSPLY Implants innovations.

"It is always valuable to be able to spend time with customers that have a similar mission and vision," said Lockaby, Director of Sales, US Digital Accounts for DENTSPLY Implants. "The TEREC group are a group of fantastic labs focused on high quality patient care. We have been fortunate enough to work closely with this group for over 11 years. DENTSPLY Implants has a similar goal of creating a world where everyone eats, laughs, and smiles with confidence. Our goal is to provide our partner labs with quality products that provide efficiencies in the lab and allow the lab to be more profitable.”

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