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Nordent Introduces LuxPoint™ Ultrasonic Inserts

Posted on Thursday, March 14, 2024

Featuring Nordent® UltraSteel™ Technology

Nordent, a leading dental innovator, announces the expansion of its product line-up to include the all-new Nordent® LuxPoint™ ultrasonic inserts. Featuring the exclusive UltraSteel™ technology, LuxPoint tips provide dental professionals with proven durability, precision comfort, a more comfortable experience for patients and reliable performance.

“Building on our 55 years of innovations in hygiene instruments we are excited to offer our premium crafted LuxPoint ultrasonic inserts that set a new bar in dental hygiene,” said Chad Cochrane, President of Nordent. “With these inserts, our customers can deliver an elevated scaling performance with confidence.”

The advanced microstructure and uniform carbide particle distribution of Nordent’s UltraSteel technology provides LuxPoint ultrasonic inserts with the longest-lasting tips possible—more than 50% longer* compared to other leading brands—for proven durability. Pairing the UltraSteel technology with LuxPoint’s unique hexagonal grip pattern offers hygienists enhanced ergonomic comfort, minimizing strain and maximizing productivity. The silicon grip also improves tactile sensitivity, allowing for accurate calculus detection and removal, and provides for a more secure grasp and precise control.

Because precision comfort is crucial when conducting exact scaling, LuxPoint tips also have direct tip-targeted water flow to provide better visibility. This not only limits unnecessary spray for dental professionals but also delivers a more pleasing experience for their patients.

Dental hygienists can remove their patients’ hard debris and calculus as efficiently as possible with LuxPoint ultrasonic inserts. Offering compatible, universal productivity, these tips are designed to fit any ultrasonic scaler unit for seamless, reliable performance. With easy color identifiers, six LuxPoint models are available in three distinct categories—Universal X-Slim, Universal Slim and Triple Bend—to provide unique access to interproximal and subgingival surfaces.

LuxPoint inserts are immediately available for sale in North America from Nordent dental distributors. For more information, visit LuxPoint™ - Nordent Manufacturing.

*Data available upon on request


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