ids joins the Biotech Dental Group

Posted on January 7, 2021

ids-integrated dental systems (www.idsimplants.com) the leading provider of dental implants distributed, sold, and supported by dental supply dealers in North America joins the Biotech Dental Group (www.biotech-dental.com). Founded in 2013, ids features a large and growing dental implant portfolio, national implant sales and service specialists supported by extensive education, training, customer service support, and an extensive network of over 2,500 dental supply representatives.

Biotech Dental, headquartered in Salon de Provence, France, was founded in 1987, employs 670+ people, currently generates $85 million+ sales, 18%+ CAGR over the last 5 years and has sold more than 2 million implants. Biotech Dental has subsidiaries in Italy, Benelux, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Africa, and Vietnam. Biotech Dental’s portfolio includes Kontact implants, WOW intra-oral scanner, Nemotec Software, Smilers® clear aligners, ATP 38 Miracle and Lucy digital prosthetics. Their Kontact implant brand is the largest selling implant in France. Biotech Dental brands will be combined with ids Accelx and REFLECT implants and implant accessories to offer North American Dentists & Laboratories a broad portfolio of tooth replacement products, services, and support to meet all clinical situations and preferences.

Biotech Dental is a vertically integrated digital dental manufacturer competing in the largest and fastest growing global dental product markets i.e. dental implants, orthodontic aligners, intra oral scanners and treatment planning software. Biotech Dental has made tremendous investments and execution of artificial intelligence (AI) into their products. The product portfolio will provide ids authorized dental dealers (Atlanta Dental, Benco Dental, Burkhart Dental, Goetze Dental, Midway Dental, Midwest Dental, Nashville Dental, Patterson Dental) a broad range of products and services they previously did not provide and accretive revenue from fast growing product categories. Users will benefit from end-to-end integrated digital solutions that will improve quality, ease of use, case outcomes, speed treatment time, shorter case completion and lower costs of implants, orthodontic and prosthetic treatments.

The Biotech Dental Group is supported by Sofina, a family-owned investment company controlled by the descendants of Gustave Boël and listed on Euronext Brussels, managing its own assets representing ca. EUR 7.3 billion. Sofina aspires to be the preferred partners of entrepreneurs and families who lead growing companies by backing them with patient capital and supportive advice. (www.sofinagroup.com)

Philippe Veran, CEO Biotech Dental Group - “As a leading European Dental company based in Southern France, I have had a goal to bring our products, services, and innovations for many years to North America. To be successful you need the right team. The team needs to be talented, creative and a good fit culturally. With ids joining the Biotech Dental Group we have found that team. We will invest and accelerate our growth in North America as we have in the rest of the world combining great products with talented professionals and product innovation. I am convinced that my dream of bringing smiles to American dentists and their patients will be successful due to the combination of ids and Biotech Dental.”

Carey Lyons, CEO ids-integrated dental systems - “Biotech Dental has built what the future of dentistry will look like. They have a digital platform that allows dentists and laboratories to place and fabricate implant, prosthetic, orthodontic and esthetic solutions faster, easier, more precisely and less expensively. Combining the Biotech Dental portfolio with the ids team of implant sales and service specialists, nationwide 2,500 dental dealer sales representatives, superior customer service, fast fulfillment, extensive implant portfolio, robust in person and virtual education positions us as the leader and best in class to service dentists nationwide. Better, faster, less expensively. “Be better!”.


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