Gingi-Pak Announces its Acquisition of Matech, Inc.

Posted on March 7, 2019

Gingi-Pak, a global manufacturer of dental products, announced that it has acquired Matech, Inc. to expand its product portfolio and to better serve dental professionals globally.

Established in 1980, Matech is a manufacturer of high-quality dental materials that include Replica alginate impression material, Kromatica color change alginate, and investment materials for pressable ceramic and casting alloys. Matech’s products are now available through the Gingi-Pak’s distribution channels.

“We worked very hard to maintain the Matech legacy and I only want Matech to continue serving our customers with its high quality products.” remarked Eva de Loera, manager of Matech, Inc., “I am confident that Matech’s legacy will continue and that we, the employees will have a nice home here at Gingi-Pak.”

About Gingi-Pak

Gingi-Pak is a leader in soft tissue management and anesthetic topical products manufacturing. Its main product lines include: retraction cord, anesthetic topical and hemostatic agents. It is the only US company that produces professional hydrocolloid impression materials. For more information please visit:

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