Dental 3D Printers Help Laboratory Launch AAA Aligners

Posted on March 8, 2017

FDC Dental Group of Singapore just announced a new line of clear aligners for orthodontics. Under the brand “AAA Aligners,” FDC has brought its alignment manufacture in house to optimize efficiency through time and cost savings to market a new range of high quality and extremely competitive aligers solution.

The rise in the number of accepted cases in recent years made it clear to FDC that they needed to internalize the process. Previously they’d relied on an external aligner manufacturer for its orthodontic patients,

“With the growing volume in cases, we saw the opportunity to start managing the process ourselves in-house to better control the quality of the aligners and reduce manufacturing cost. We commissioned Structo to supply us with their dental 3D printers and materials, and to set up the entire production line in our facility,” says Dr. N. Aizat, CEO and Group Clinical Director of FDC Dental Group.

“The project with FDC was an exciting one from our perspective because it allowed us to take a holistic look at the entire digital process from scanning to manufacturing,” says Huub van Esbroeck, one of Structo’s founders. “The Structo OrthoForm’s high printing speed and throughput enables businesses like FDC to take control of their own manufacturing process, giving them an edge in the highly competitive orthodontics market.”

By insourcing the manufacturing process, FDC have managed to achieve up to 50% cost savings per patient—savings that are shared by the end users to help made clear aligners more accessible to a broader demographic. Additionally, Structo’s printers also helped FDC manage to halve the turnaround time from 1 month to only 2 weeks upon receiving a case. Faster delivery of aligners to the patient also contributes to AAA Aligners’ edge over its competitors.

“So far, the take-up rate for AAA Aligners has been very encouraging and we will be rolling out the AAA program to all our 21 clinics island-wide,“ claims Dr. Aizat.

“Structo’s mission is to empower businesses like FDC to deliver superior products with the help of digital dentistry and our application-specific solutions. We believe the speed of our printers will allow us to spearhead the widespread adoption of digital dentistry and we are glad we are able to help Dr. Aizat and the entire team at FDC to realize the benefits of a full digital workflow,“ adds Huub.

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