3M Hosts Oral Health Council

Posted on December 20, 2016

In too many places around the world, people are suffering immensely from poor oral health. Despite its critical role in overall health, oral care is often overlooked, resulting in a population that suffers. Children who aren’t given proper access to care often have caries and struggle in school because they are in so much pain. These children grow up to become adults and elderly patients who aren’t nearly as educated or healthy as they could be. As a step to ignite worldwide change for oral health, 3M welcomed professionals and policy makers from around the world to the first-ever Oral Health Council on November 28-30 at the 3M Innovation Center.


The meeting served as a forum for industry leaders from Chile, China, Bolivia, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Peru, Russia, and the United States to share the challenges their countries face in delivering care to patients. Attendees learned from industry experts about preventive science innovations; how to better care for elderly, special-needs, and pediatric patients; and how to implement effective policy for oral health. Attendees left the meeting with solid action plans to improve oral health in their communities.


“Governments are instrumental in influencing the standard for health care, so people with a voice must advocate for change–even if it starts small at first,” says Simon Hearne, International Vice President for 3M Oral Care. “As a global industry leader, 3M is taking the responsibility to help people who can inspire change create a network that will aid them in promoting preventive oral care within their communities.”

3M says it plans to continue this global initiative and looks forward to the impact this council will have on the future of worldwide oral health.

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