Fixed Full-Arch Restorations a Snap with New LOCATOR F-Tx Attachment System 

Posted on December 14, 2016

Carlsbad, CA – (December 13, 2016) – Zest Dental Solutions has launched a new way to think about FIXED full-arch restorations that addresses the inherent limitations of conventional screw-retained and cemented solutions such as the need for screw access channels or the potential for sub-gingival cement when attaching the prosthesis to the abutments. Fixed for the patient, yet easily removed by the clinician - LOCATOR F-Tx is a simplified, time-saving fixed attachment system for full-arch restorations with no compromise to prosthesis strength or esthetics. 

Optimized for efficiency and chair time savings compared to conventional screw-retained systems, LOCATOR F-Tx features a novel, “snap-in” attachment that eliminates the potential for sub-gingival cement or the need for retaining screws. Further adding to the flexibility of the system, LOCATOR F-Tx accommodates divergent/convergent scenarios up to 40 degrees between implants without the need for angled abutments. A patient friendly solution, the prosthesis is easily removed by the clinician for hygiene and maintenance visits utilizing a revolutionary prosthesis removal system that quickly disengages the prosthesis in a matter of minutes. 

“LOCATOR F-Tx represents a culmination of Zest’s many years of expertise with the LOCATOR® Attachment System and our deep understanding of full-arch solutions for edentulous patients” said Steve Schiess, Zest Dental Solutions President and CEO. “With LOCATOR F-Tx, we strived to create a simpler, more efficient system for fixed full-arch implant restorations requiring less chair time and providing higher patient satisfaction”. 

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