Pizzi to Host Ceramics Course

Posted on May 23, 2016

Peter Pizzi, CDT, MDT, will host a two-day hands-on course, "Ceramic Options for Our Future Restorative Dental Team," on June 11-12 at Pizzi Dental Studio in Staten Island, New York.

Tuition for the course, which is part of Pizzi's Esthetic Realitie is $1050.

A press release for the course says: "Our educated patients and the advancement of materials have created a need for us to didactically move through the diagnostic process. This two-day course will focus on a rational methodology to help eliminate the frustrations often encountered during this endeavor. Communication, material options, the importance of photography as an aid for ceramic builds, and color communication can be incorporated into a routine regiment that will enable the dentist and technician to achieve a high level of predictability. The ability to understand each material’s optical and functional parameters will be a key to future success."

The course will cover case management; diagnostic communication; preparation guided ceramic layering and contours; the use of new technologies; the importance of photographic communication and perception; and material choices for proper case management.

A tissue cast for a 3-unit combination case will be provided. 

To register, contact Jennifer at 718-477-3771 or jcrane33@aol.com or pizzi7@aol.com. Pizzi Dental Studio is located at 4038 Victory Blvd. in Staten Island, New York.

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