Benco Dental One of the Top 20 Best Workplaces in Health Care

Posted on April 15, 2016

Great Places to Work® and Fortune name Benco Dental

One of the Top 20 Best Workplaces in Health Care

PITTSTON, PA — Benco Dental is one of the 2016 Best Workplaces in Health Care, according to the global research and consulting firm Great Place to Work® and Fortune Magazine.

Benco Dental ranked 20 on the list, based on employees’ assessments of the pride they take in their jobs, the camaraderie they experience with coworkers, and the trust they feel toward Benco Dental’s leaders.

This year’s Best Workplaces in Health Care stand out for creating workplaces that employees say make them feel good about what they do and close to their coworkers. Those feelings come despite employees working in an industry under pressure to implement new regulations, curb rising costs, and absorb technology advances while also caring for patients.

“Employees at the Best Workplaces in Health Care are working in a family-like atmosphere where everyone’s got each other’s back and they’re working toward a common goal of taking care of people,” says Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work®. “And the organizations that foster these inspiring, collegial cultures benefit by becoming talent magnets.”

The family feel creates a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining employees at a time when many organizations in the industry can’t fill jobs fast enough. In 2015, voluntary turnover in health care organizations hit 14.4%,according to CompData Surveys, but best health care workplaces are doing better at hanging onto workers, including in-demand positions such as nursing.

“At Benco Dental, we’re proud of how our associates work together to provide products, equipment and services to our customers, which improves the quality of dental care across the nation,” said George Rable, Vice President, Culture and People for Benco Dental. “Thank you to all the associates for everything they do to make Benco a great place to work,” added Rable. 

Health care institutions are hierarchical by nature, and work groups at some must compete against each other for limited resources. At the best workplaces, however, employees say they feel like a cohesive unit no matter what their job, and can count on coworkers to cooperate. The vast majority describe their workplaces are “friendly,” and feel like an equal member of the organization regardless of their position.

To create the list, Great Place to Work® surveyed close to 34,500 employees at health care organizations, including hospital systems, home health care providers, national health care associations, and medical products distributors.

Benco Dental and the other winning companies were selected based on responses to Great Place to Work®’s Trust Index© employee assessment survey. Survey questions assessed co-workers' feelings on camaraderie and pride on the job, as well as how they felt about other workplace issues including management, communication, work-life balance, and compensation.

The Best Workplaces in Health Care ranking is part of a series of rankings by Great Place to Work® and Fortune based upon employee survey feedback from Great Place to Work®-certified organizations.

To see the full list of the Best Workplaces in Health Care click here. To see the schedule for all of their workplace lists and more information on how to apply, visit Great Place to Work®’s website.

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