AO Meeting’s Opening Symposium Focuses on Risk vs. Reward

Posted on February 19, 2016

To kick off the Opening Symposium at the Academy of Osseointegration’s (AO) 31st Annual meeting, AO President Dr. Russell Nishimura welcomed attendees from more than 50 countries and announced that more than 800 new members have joined the Academy. Presenters from around the world then took an objective look at the pros and cons of various treatment decisions clinicians choose from every day.

Caption: AO President Dr. Russell Nishimura welcomed #AOSanDiego attendees from more than 50 countries to the 31st Annual Meeting. 

Dr. Frank Spear delivered the keynote address, “Globalization of Training, Education, and Comprehensive Collaborative Treatment Planning in Implant Dentistry: Understanding the Risks and Rewards.” After restoring implants for 30 years, Dr. Spear believes technique is one thing, but perspective is another, and clinicians should consider what’s ahead for patients in their life when placing implants.

Dr. Reed Rayher, an oral surgeon from San Francisco, comes to the AO meeting to stay current on implant developments. One of his key takeaways from Dr. Spear’s presentation is that sometimes less is more.

“He breaks down difficult concepts that always confused you throughout your dental career and education and made them a lot simpler. He helps you understand a concept you never could understand,” said Dr. Rayher. “He’s very good at making complicated things simple.”

Dr. Takis Megas, a periodontist from Amherst, Mass., also attended the Opening Symposium. As a supporter of the team approach to implant dentistry, he comes to the AO Meeting to learn more about the other specialties. He attended Dr. Henning Schliephake’s session about the risks and rewards of grafting with growth factors/biologics.

“It gives me a chance to learn more about the entire restorative industrial complex. I know the surgical side; the AO Meeting allows me to gain insight on the restorative side,” said Dr. Megas.

Dr. Liqun Wu, a general dentist from China, was excited to attend Dr. Franck Renouard’s full-house presentation on the risks and rewards of not grafting. Dr. Renouard’s presentation addressed the reliability of the short implant option, the factors to consider when weighing the associated therapeutic options, and emphasized that the simplest procedure should always be the first choice. With the influx of patients in China, being up to date on these issues are of critical importance to Dr. Wu.

“In my country, implant patients are rising by 30% every year,” said Dr. Wu.

The AO Annual Meeting strives to create a meeting that allows collaboration with the best and brightest clinicians from around the world. Attendees agree that the meeting is a great way for clinicians to stay current on implant dentistry’s best practices.

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