Rhein83 Launches New Textbook

Posted on January 19, 2016

Rhein83 srl. in collaboration with Teamwork Media srl. has launched a textbook dedicated to implant supported and combined removable prostheses. This scientifically architected 600 page textbook beautifully documents over 1,400 of the highest quality photographs which include 23 clinical and technically detailed treatment plans.  It offers guidelines, techniques, protocols, multiple solutions, and proper attachment selection rarely found in texts for the edentulous or partially edentulous patients.

The text is authored by 27 dentists and dental technicians from Italy, including professors from three Italian Universities in Milan, Siena, and Turin. Written in English, Italian, and Spanish, this book is intended to be read by an international audience and will be a useful addition to any dental professional or university library.

For more information contact Joe Tambasco at American Recovery-Rhein83 Attachments. 877-778-8383, joet@rhein83usa.com, www.rhein83usa.com

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