"Voices In America" with James Earl Jones Set to Highlight Cosmetic Dentistry for Public Television

Posted on November 30, 2015

(PRWEB) NOVEMBER 27, 2015 A simply groundbreaking television series, "Voices in America", which is hosted by Hollywood legend, James Earl Jones, is an interesting show that delves into an array of issues that are presently affecting Americans. Dedicated to providing the world with a wide variety of topics that could benefit from open dialogue, this show is changing the subjects consumers focus on, one episode at a time.

In the latest installment currently in development, the program will be taking an in-depth look into the world of cosmetic dentistry. A relatively new sector within the field of dentistry, many find the topic of cosmetic dentistry to be controversial as it is often viewed as an issue of vanity, rather than necessity. Nevertheless, the cosmetic dentistry industry is booming. The question as to whether it is truly out of a wish to look better, or if people have medical-based reasons for seeking out these services will be broached and discussed with dental professionals. "Voices In America" seeks to take a closer look at issues such as who truly needs it, who is being denied it, the overall commonality of it, the most common procedures, as well as what advances are being made in the field for the future.

"Voices In America" is an independent production. The show is distributed to Public Television Stations across America to be broadcast at their discretion. "Voices In America" is not a production of APT or PBS and is not related to those organizations.

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