Felton Wins the American College of Prosthodontists Education Foundation Highest Honor

Posted on October 13, 2015

CHICAGO, Oct. 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The American College of Prosthodontists Education Foundation (ACPEF) will honor David A. Felton, DDS, MSD, FACP, at the Annual Session of the ACP in Orlando, Oct. 21-24. Dr. Felton will be presented with a medallion for the ACPEF's highest honor – ACPEF Founders Society Award. Dr. Felton joins Thomas Taylor, DDS, MSD, FACP, as the 2015 co-recipient of this honor.

"My training in Prosthodontics, my career-long association with the American College of Prosthodontists serving as editor–in-chief of the ACP's Journal of Prosthodontics, and my association with the ACP Education Foundation has allowed me to be highly successful in my academic career. The ACP has provided me with unique opportunities never imagined when I completed my training program in 1984. It has opened doors and afforded me the opportunity to be internationally known as a leader in Prosthodontics, and has enabled me to serve in a mentoring role in our Specialty," said Dr. Felton.

The ACPEF Founders Society Award honors individuals who have made a significant impact on the growth and development of the Foundation, and have demonstrated an extraordinary level of commitment to the advancement of the specialty. One recent way that Dr. Felton is advancing the specialty is as the author of newly published, groundbreaking research in the peer reviewed Journal of Prosthodontics. Now online, Dr. David Felton updated his 2009 review with "Complete Edentulism and Comorbid Diseases: An Update." The 2009 review first reported the relationship between complete edentulism and comorbid diseases (i.e., asthma, diabetes, cancer, etc.) This relationship has been reinforced by studies published since 2008. In addition, while the 2009 paper included no reports of the relationship between complete tooth loss, edentulism, and mortality, at least 9 studies published since then have linked a reduced, but nonreplaced, dentition to an increased risk for mortality.

The article makes the case that the patient missing most or all of their teeth is at greater risk for a host of disease outcomes including heart disease, obesity, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, COPD, and others, reinforcing the need for high quality replacement of missing teeth. The ACP is making this peer reviewed Journal of Prosthodontics article freely available to all through Dec. 31, 2015, so it can be shared with the public, patients, and oral health providers. All Journal of Prosthodontics articles are always free to ACP members.

"Dr. Felton, is an individual that defines leadership and visionary thinking. He has challenged the specialty to evolve and move forward redefining long held beliefs, resulting in a paradigm shift in our treatment models. Dr. Felton's leadership on the institutional level, his pivotal role in modeling the Journal of Prosthodontics, and his support of the ACPEF is an example of professionalism we all aspire to," said Frank J. Tuminelli, DDS, FACP, current president of the ACP.

Nominees must be a member of the ACP, or have demonstrated outstanding service to the specialty through the ACP and ACPEF; must have demonstrated exceptional leadership and outstanding volunteer service to the mission of the ACPEF; must be an active donor to the ACPEF with a substantive, cumulative level of giving; and must have contributed to building and growing the ACPEF.

"Rarely do we find an individual who contributes continuously and tirelessly over an entire career to their profession. The Founders Society Award is a fitting way to recognize such professional generosity. The recognition of Dr. David Felton by the ACPEF is an inspiring testimony to this level of generosity and dedication. Past president of the ACP, Dr. Felton also serves as the editor of the Journal of Prosthodontics. This function is the breath and the heartbeat of our vital organization and Dr. Felton is an individual who has given us a remarkable foundation for growth and prosperity. Along with my personal gratitude, I'm positive that our organization, the specialty and so many engaged in the discipline of Prosthodontics share the utmost admiration and thanks for his contribution to Prosthodontics as a leader, educator and clinician," said ACPEF Chair Lyndon F. Cooper, DDS, PhD, FACP.

"I choose to give back to the ACPEF not only because I can afford to, but because I want to," said Dr. Felton. "My giving will help the next generation of aspiring young prosthodontists to be able to excel, which can only strengthen our Specialty. Receiving the ACPEF Founders Society Award is truly an honor, as past recipients have demonstrated not only a significant commitment to Prosthodontics and the ACP, but have led by example. I am humbled to be considered in that group."

Prosthodontists are specialized dentists with advanced training in oral health issues, who are committed to improving patient outcomes. From implants, crowns, veneers and tooth whitening, to full-mouth reconstruction, Prosthodontists specialize in digital dentistrycosmetic dentistry, and sleep apnea solutions.

The ACP is the only prosthodontic specialty organization whose membership is based solely on education credentials. ACP members must be in or have completed an ADA-accredited advanced education program in Prosthodontics.


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