Polaroid HealthCare introduces new Polaroid P31 Caries Detector

Posted on January 11, 2021

 3-In-1 Combo Fluorescence Caries Detector, Transilluminator, IO camera, all in one device!

The just released Polaroid P31 is the first Full HD 1920 X 1080P Caries Detection device that allows the user to display all 3 methods of visible caries detection at once with just one press of the capture button. Each detection mode has its advantages, as well as limits and may not be perfect for every situation. The P31 solves this by capturing a White light (natural color) image, a Fluorescence Image, and a Transilumination image at the same time and positions them side by side so that you can compare them and gather the most information to help you make a more informed decision regarding the needed treatment plan. The three side by side images are also great for educating your patient, as well as submitting to the insurance companies.

The P31 is shaped like a highspeed handpiece. Its lightweight 2.2oz metal body is comfortable to hold, as well as being very durable. The P31 is packed with innovative and user friendly modern features such as: Dual Fluorescence Modes, choose to view healthy teeth in either a green color, or natural tooth color, while carious bacteria biofilm glows red for easy identification of problem areas. The new Polaroid P31’s Liquid lens optics with autofocus, can go from a macro close-up, out to infinity with just a single press of the capture button, similar to today’s Smart phones. A built-in Gyro Air mouse, saves then user wasted time and motion reaching for a mouse and possibly breaking contamination protocols. Adjust the color output to your display as cool, natural, or warm to maximize what color shades you see. Black and White mode, and more.

The slim, retraction style head has 30 unique LEDs that surround the lens to help prevent shadows as sometimes seen with other products. 8 White LEDs are used for IO camera viewing, 8 UV LEDs are used to cause carious biofilm to fluoresce red, and 14 IR LEDs, similar to Night Vision devices, create a high transparency light source that allows the user to examine the inside of enamel, without ionizing X-ray use. This can be helpful when examining cancer patients, children, pregnant women, and those looking to avoid X-ray ionization. The P31 is also ideal for those practices looking for a more holistic approach by taking as few X-rays as is necessary.

For additional information, please contact: http://www.polaroidhealth.com


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