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Inside Dental Technology
August 2016
Volume 7, Issue 8

Another Level: Premier Support Gets Even Better

Bob Cohen, Rob Nazzal, and CAP look to expand on their world-class training, support, and education as they partner with Zahn Dental and Custom Milling Center.

Custom Automated Prosthetics (CAP) looks vastly different today than it did when Bob Cohen, CDT, and Rob Nazzal founded the company in 2010. The primary mission, however, remains almost the same as it was then.

“The original goal was very modest and basic: to create a milling center that would enable dental laboratories to offer zirconia and other digitally manufactured products to their dentists,” Cohen says.

CAP has extended its reach to distribution, training, support, and education, and after being acquired recently by Henry Schein and Zahn Dental, its resources are more expansive than ever.

Cohen and Nazzal started the company at a time when digital technology was not pervasive in laboratories, and fabricating zirconia restorations required large capital purchases. Their initial intention was to introduce efficiencies and provide high-end outsource services to laboratories at a reasonable cost, combining Nazzal’s technical knowledge with Cohen’s laboratory and clinical experience to become a market leader.

After approximately a year, CAP began selling 3Shape scanners, and its success in that endeavor led to a difficult decision.

“As a milling center, would we discourage laboratories from embracing in-house milling, or help them make the transition?” Nazzal says. “The abridged version is that we began selling Roland milling machines and became their No. 1 distributor worldwide.”

From there, CAP added more product lines in both consumables and equipment. Cohen and Nazzal found that by bringing new equipment lines into the milling center, utilizing them there, and educating themselves extensively prior to launching them to the industry, they were able to thoroughly understand the products and guide customers with this expertise.

CAP’s expertise was broadened by a decision early on to invest in an elite technical support team. Cohen and Nazzal observed a digital knowledge gap in dental technology and were determined to help fill the void.

“This drove us to become the resource for quality training, education, and support,” Cohen says. “Identifying this as an opportunity enabled CAP to build the industry’s most advanced technical support team and digital knowledge base center.

“At the time, this was unique. Many laboratory owners invested in products that were not adequately developed or supported, and it caused frustration and economic loss. CAP prevented that.”

Powerful Partnership

Now, working in synergy with Zahn Dental and Custom Milling Center, CAP is moving at a quick pace to develop and create new indications and integrations of both software and output devices.

“The added benefits laboratories will obtain by partnering with CAP, Zahn, and CMC will be unmatched in our industry,” Nazzal says.

The companies soon will be providing an increased portfolio of cutting-edge products. Also in the works: higher-quality training, more education than ever before, and support for the largest selection of products for both digital and analog processes.

“The combined teams will be highly focused on ensuring an unsurpassed customer experience with the consistent mission of ‘helping laboratories thrive,’” Cohen says.

By joining forces with a much larger company in Henry Schein, CAP will have access to increased resources, which will enable it to reach many more customers with even more choices.

“CAP has handed off many day-to-day business operations and order-fulfillment obligations to a well-groomed, highly efficient, and competent Henry Schein team,” Nazzal says. “This allows select staff to become more focused on product development, customer needs, and maintaining and growing all industry relationships.”

While they are not ready for any significant announcements, CAP says it has exciting and innovative plans for the future.

“We expect to make industry-transforming changes, resulting in positive, measurable results for all of our customers,” Cohen says. “This includes everything from the way laboratories communicate with dentists to the way we sinter zirconia. Through ongoing, strong, collaborative efforts from our combined teams and vendors, nearly anything is possible.”

The Value of Choice

The company’s main value proposition for laboratories’ bottom lines remains the same: individualized choice.

“Many competitors sell a single solution,” Nazzal says. “At CAP, Zahn, and CMC, we have so many effective solutions. The sales process will begin with our team fully comprehending customer needs, resulting in recommendations for best product fit, which will improve laboratories’ bottom line.

“The combined teams will be adding more education, training, and support, which will enable customers to better compete in their markets. CAP’s technical support department will likely triple in the next year. For education, we will provide programs on implant prosthetics, clinical dentistry, lean manufacturing, business, marketing, CAD/CAM, and more for knowledge-based transfer.”

The companies also will add integration to existing popular products to decrease user error, improve communication between laboratories and customers, and provide traceability and manufacturing metrics that previously would have been very difficult to obtain.

“Partner laboratories can expect more education and support than ever,” Cohen says. “We strongly feel our combined teams and loyal customers have a great future together.”

4 Key Take Aways

CAP helps laboratories provide digital solutions via equipment distribution, training, support, and education.

New synergies with Zahn Dental and Custom Milling Center will expand CAP’s resources even more.

New synergies with Zahn Dental and Custom Milling Center will expand CAP’s resources even more.

CAP, Zahn, and CMC will add integration to existing popular products to decrease user error, improve communication, and more.–––

The added benefits laboratories will obtain by partnering with CAP, Zahn, and CMC will be unmatched in our industry.

— Rob Nazzal

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